Fines Appeal / Account Inquiry

Please use the form below to submit a fines appeal or to submit other types of account inquires, such as lost books.

Please note that the following are NOT acceptable reasons for appealing a fine:

To appeal on other grounds, please complete and submit the form below. You may be contacted to provide documentation: for example, a doctor's certificate to accompany an appeal on medical grounds.

Refunds - A refund may be granted for the return of lost material, or a duplicate credit-card payment. Refunds for returned material are only granted within one year of the original payment of your lost item charge. An overdue fine of $31.00 will be subtracted from the original payment. The found material must be returned directly to a Service Desk before initiating the refund process. For a full refund of a duplicate credit-card payment, please ensure the payment was not declined.

To request a refund, please provide the following details:

Many appeals will be resolved within 2 business days. However, some appeals include a comprehensive search of library shelves and library system records that may take several days. Decisions will be sent to the email address provided. All appeal forms must be filled out completely and accurately. Please provide specific details about which charges you are appealing, including an explanation describing why you believe that these charges should be adjusted or canceled.

All fields are required.

The personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33 © of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of investigating and communicating the results of Fines Appeals at the University of Alberta Libraries. Questions concerning the collection, use or disposal of this information should be directed to:

FOIPP Liaison Officer
Library Personnel
5-02 Cameron Library
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2J8
(Tel:) 780-492-3788
(Fax:) 780-492-8302.