UA Library New Books New Books - Concordia University of Edmonton New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 27 February, 2017 06:39:06 America/Edmonton Shinto : a history / Helen Hardacre. BL 2218 H37 2017 BL 2218 H37 2017 (DISPLAY) Chasing down religion : in the sights of history and the cognitive sciences / edited by Panayotis Pachis and Donald Wiebe. BL 48 C487 2010 BL 48 C487 2010 (DISPLAY) The study of religious experience : approaches and methodologies / edited by Bettina E. Schmidt. BL 53 S773 2016 BL 53 S773 2016 (DISPLAY) The Oxford handbook of Islamic theology / edited by Sabine Schmidtke. BP 166 O94 2016 BP 166 O94 2016 (DISPLAY) Sects & stats : overturning the conventional wisdom about cult members / James R. Lewis. BP 603 L53 2014 BP 603 L53 2014 (DISPLAY) The Oxford handbook of early modern theology, 1600-1800 / edited by Ulrich L. Lehner, Richard A. Muller, and A.G. Roeber. BR 118 O94 2016 BR 118 O94 2016 (STACKS) History of the church / Rufinus of Aquileia ; translated by Philip R. Amidon, SJ, Creighton University. BR 160 E5 E5 2016 BR 160 E5 E5 2016 (DISPLAY) Luther's works / edited by Jaroslav Pelikan. Saint Louis :|bConcordia Pub. House,|c1955- BR 330 L87 1955 v.79 BR 330 L87 1955 v.79 (REFERENCE) Humanity in God's image : an interdisciplinary exploration / Claudia Welz. BT 103 W45 2016 BT 103 W45 2016 (DISPLAY) Thomas Aquinas's Summa contra gentiles : a guide and commentary / Brian Davies. BX 1749 T45 D38 2016 BX 1749 T45 D38 2016 (DISPLAY) Jerome of Prague and the foundations of the Hussite movement / Thomas A. Fudge. BX 4918 J47 F83 2016 BX 4918 J47 F83 2016 (DISPLAY) The memorial windows and special items of Knox-Metropolitan United Church Edmonton, Alberta. BX 9882.8 E24 K74 2016 BX 9882.8 E24 K74 2016 (DISPLAY) Edmonton : secrets of the city / Charlene Rooke. Vancouver :|bArsenal Pulp Press,|cc2001. FC 3696.18 R66 2001 FC 3696.18 R66 2001 (DISPLAY) The Grads are playing tonight! : the story of the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club / M. Ann Hall. Edmonton :|bUniversity of Alberta Press,|cc2011. GV 885.42 E3 H34 2011 GV 885.42 E3 H34 2011 (DISPLAY) Working people in Alberta : a history / [edited by] Alvin Finkel. Edmonton :|bAU Press,|cc2012. HD 8109 A42 W67 2012 HD 8109 A42 W67 2012 (DISPLAY) The ascent of media [electronic resource] : from Gilgamesh to Google via Gutenberg / Roger Parry. London ;|aBoston :|bNicholas Brealey Pub.,|c2011. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) French Canadians, furs, and indigenous women in the making of the Pacific Northwest [electronic resource] / Jean Barman. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) People, politics, and child welfare in British Columbia [electronic resource] / edited by Leslie T. Foster and Brian Wharf. Vancouver [B.C.] :|bUBC Press,|cc2007 Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Anthropology and the bushman [electronic resource] / Alan Barnard. Oxford ;|aNew York :|bBerg,|c2007. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Between Jew & Arab [electronic resource] : the lost voice of Simon Rawidowicz / David N. Myers. Waltham, Mass. :|bBrandeis University Press ;|aHanover :|bPublished by University Press of New England,|cc2008. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Heidegger and the question of national socialism [electronic resource] : disclosure and gestalt / Bernhard Radloff. Toronto ;|aBuffalo :|bUniversity of Toronto Press,|cc2007. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) American ways [electronic resource] : a cultural guide to the United States / Gary Althen with Janet Bennett. Boston :|bIntercultural Press,|c2011. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Understanding Arabs [electronic resource] : a contemporary guide to Arab society / Margaret K. Nydell. Boston, MA :|bNicholas Brealey Pub.,|c2012. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Language & power in the early Middle Ages [electronic resource] / Patrick J. Geary. Waltham, Mass. :|bBrandeis University Press,|c2013. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) According to Baba : a collaborative oral history of sudbury's Ukrainian community / Stacey Zembrzycki. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Gender & pop culture : a text-reader / edited by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek and Patricia Leavy. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) The fifteen Confederates : Johann Eberlin von G├╝nzburg / translated and edited by Geoffrey Dipple. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Assembling understandings [electronic resource] : findings from the Canadian social economy research partnerships, 2005-2011 / Matthew Thompson and Joy Emmanuel. Victoria, B.C. :|bUniversity of Victoria,|c2012. Internet Access Internet Access (INTERNET) Governance reconsidered : how boards, presidents, administrators, and faculty can help their colleges thrive / Susan Resneck Pierce. LB 2341 P537 2014 LB 2341 P537 2014 (ON SHELF) Up the creek / Nicholas Oldland. PS 8629 L46 U6 2013 PS 8629 L46 U6 2013 (DISPLAY) Walk on the wild side / Nicholas Oldland. PS 8629 L46 W35 2015 PS 8629 L46 W35 2015 (DISPLAY)