UA Library New Books New Books - MacEwan University New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 14 August, 2017 06:39:06 America/Edmonton Dimensions of practical necessity : "here I stand, I can do no other" / Katharina Bauer, Somogy Varga, Corinna Mieth, editors. B105 .A35 D55 2017 B105 .A35 D55 2017 (ON SHELF) Nietzsche and transhumanism : precursor or enemy? / edited by Yunus Tuncel. B3318 .S8 N53 2017 B3318 .S8 N53 2017 (ON SHELF) The fractal self : science, philosophy, and the evolution of human cooperation / John L. Culliney and David Jones. B818 .C85 2017 B818 .C85 2017 (ON SHELF) To be born / Luce Irigaray. BD418.3 .I75 2017 BD418.3 .I75 2017 (ON SHELF) Embodiment, enaction, and culture : investigating the constitution of the shared world / edited by Christoph Durt, Thomas Fuchs, and Christian Tewes. BF161 .E428 2017 BF161 .E428 2017 (ON SHELF) A womb of her own : women's struggle for sexual and reproductive autonomy / edited by Ellen Toronto, JoAnn Ponder, Kristin Davisson, and Maurine Kelber Kelly. BF175.5 .S48 W66 2017 BF175.5 .S48 W66 2017 (ON SHELF) Coping and the challenge of resilience / Erica Frydenberg. BF335 .F79 2017 BF335 .F79 2017 (ON SHELF) Presence : how mindfulness and meditation shape your brain, mind, and life / Paul Verhaeghen. BF637 .M4 V47 2017 BF637 .M4 V47 2017 (ON SHELF) Feeling gender : a generational and psychosocial approach / Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen. BF692.2 .B59 2017 BF692.2 .B59 2017 (ON SHELF) The good child : moral development in a Chinese preschool / Jing Xu. BF723 .M54 X8 2017 BF723 .M54 X8 2017 (ON SHELF) Tolerance in world history / Peter N. Stearns. BJ1431 .S73 2017 BJ1431 .S73 2017 (ON SHELF) Gossip, epistemology, and power : knowledge underground / Karen Adkins. BJ1535 .G6 A35 2017 BJ1535 .G6 A35 2017 (ON SHELF) Reporting the Retreat : War Correspondents in Burma, 1942 / Philip Woods. D799 .B83 W66 2016 D799 .B83 W66 2016 (ON SHELF) The near abroad : socialist Eastern Europe and Soviet patriotism in Ukraine, 1956-1985 / Zbigniew Wojnowski. DK508.84 .W64 2017 DK508.84 .W64 2017 (ON SHELF) Brothers apart : Palestinian citizens of Israel and the Arab world / Maha Nassar. DS113.7 .N378 2017 DS113.7 .N378 2017 (ON SHELF) Asian diasporas : new formations, new conceptions / edited by Rhacel S. Parreñas and Lok C.D. Siu. DS13 .A75 2007 DS13 .A75 2007 (ON SHELF) Samurai assassins : "dark murder" and the Meiji Restoration, 1853-1868 / Romulus Hillsborough. DS881.4 .H549 2017 DS881.4 .H549 2017 (ON SHELF) Youth for nation : culture and protest in Cold War South Korea / Charles R. Kim. DS917.77 .K55 2017 DS917.77 .K55 2017 (ON SHELF) Victoria Falls and Colonial Imagination in British Southern Africa : Turning Water into Gold / Andrea L. Arrington-Sirois. DT1130 .A77 2017 DT1130 .A77 2017 (ON SHELF) Modern South Africa in world history : beyond imperialism / Rob Skinner. DT1787 .S55 2017 DT1787 .S55 2017 (ON SHELF) A history of modern Uganda / Richard J. Reid (SOAS, University of London). DT433.257 .R45 2017 DT433.257 .R45 2017 (ON SHELF) Water from stone : archaeology and conservation at Florida's springs / Jason O'Donoughue. E78 .F6 O36 2017 E78 .F6 O36 2017 (ON SHELF) Land of water, city of the dead : religion and Cahokia's emergence / Sarah E. Baires. E99 .M6815 B37 2017 E99 .M6815 B37 2017 (ON SHELF) Traditional Chinese leisure culture and economic development : a conflict of forces / Huidi Ma, Er Liu. GV121 .M3 2017 GV121 .M3 2017 (ON SHELF) Fighting environmental crime in Europe and beyond : the role of the EU and its member states / Ragnhild Sollund, Christoph H. Stefes, Anna Rita Germani, editors. HC240.9 .E5 F54 2016 HC240.9 .E5 F54 2016 (ON SHELF) Circles of compensation : economic growth and the globalization of Japan / Kent E. Calder. HC462 .C28 2017 HC462 .C28 2017 (ON SHELF) Emotion in organizational change : an interdisciplinary exploration / Usman Talat. HD58.8 .T354 2017 HD58.8 .T354 2017 (ON SHELF) Getting new things done : networks, brokerage, and the assembly of innovative action / David Obstfeld. HD69 .S8 O27 2017 HD69 .S8 O27 2017 (ON SHELF) A General Theory of Economic Development : Towards a Capitalist Manifesto / Sung-Hee Jwa (Chairman, the President Park Chung Hee Memorial Foundation, South Korea). HD75 .C4845 2017 HD75 .C4845 2017 (ON SHELF) Mergers and acquisitions basics : the key steps of acquisitions, divestitures, and investments / Michael E.S. Frankel, Larry Forman. HG4028 .M4 F73 2017 HG4028 .M4 F73 2017 (ON SHELF) Social agency and practical reasons : a practice account / Christine Chwaszcza. HM1111 .C59 2017 HM1111 .C59 2017 (ON SHELF) Digital sociology : the reinvention of social research / Noortje Marres. HM585 .M34567 2017 HM585 .M34567 2017 (ON SHELF) Fanaticism, racism, and rage online : corrupting the digital sphere / Adam Klein. HM742 .K54 2017 HM742 .K54 2017 (ON SHELF) Creating space in the fifth estate / edited by Janet Fulton and Phillip McIntyre. HM851 .C74 20117 HM851 .C74 20117 (ON SHELF) Cyberdualism in China : the political implications of Internet exposure of educated youth / Shiru Wang. HN740 .Z9 I5687 2017 HN740 .Z9 I5687 2017 (ON SHELF) Assigned : life with gender / Lisa Wade, guest editor (Occidental College), Douglas Hartmann (University of Minnesota), Christopher Uggen (University of Minnesota). HQ1075 .A88 2016 HQ1075 .A88 2016 (ON SHELF) The unity-based family : an empirical study of healthy marriage, family, and parenting / by H.B. Danesh ; with Azin Nasseri. HQ728 .D26 2017 HQ728 .D26 2017 (ON SHELF) An examination of Latinx LGBT populations across the United States : intersections of race and sexuality / Antonio (Jay) Pastrana, Jr., Juan Battle, Angelique Harris. HQ73.3 .U6 P37 2017 HQ73.3 .U6 P37 2017 (ON SHELF) A wife's heart : the untold story of Bertha and Henry Lawson / Kerrie Davies. HQ759.915 .D378 2017 HQ759.915 .D378 2017 (ON SHELF) Transgender psychoanalysis : a Lacanian perspective on sexual difference / Patricia Gherovici. HQ77.9 .G435 2017 HQ77.9 .G435 2017 (ON SHELF) Drug abuse and antisocial behavior : a biosocial life course approach / Christopher P. Salas-Wright, Michael G. Vaughn, Jennifer M. Reingle González. HV5801 .S3115 2016 HV5801 .S3115 2016 (ON SHELF) Crime, networks and power : transformation of Sicilian Cosa Nostra / Vincenzo Scalia. HV6452.5 .S33 2016 HV6452.5 .S33 2016 (ON SHELF) Gambling, crime, and society / James Banks. HV6710 .B36 2017 HV6710 .B36 2017 (ON SHELF) Concentration camps : a short history / Dan Stone. HV8963 .S76 2017 HV8963 .S76 2017 (ON SHELF) Capitalist imperialism in contemporary theoretical frameworks / Filip Ilkowski ; translated by Matthew La Fontaine. JC359 .I453213 2017 JC359 .I453213 2017 (ON SHELF) Intelligence and security oversight : an annotated bibliography and comparative analysis / Sophie Richardson, Dr. Nicholas Gilmour. JF1525 .I6 R519 2016 JF1525 .I6 R519 2016 (ON SHELF) What's the point of international relations? / edited by Synne L. Dyvik, Jan Selby and Rorden Wilkinson. JZ1242 .W52 2017 JZ1242 .W52 2017 (ON SHELF) Humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect : Turkish foreign policy discourse / Birsen Erdogan. JZ6369 .E73 2017 JZ6369 .E73 2017 (ON SHELF) Disruptive classroom technologies : a framework for innovation in education / Sonny Magana ; foreword by Robert J. Marzano. LB1028.3 .M333 2017 LB1028.3 .M333 2017 (ON SHELF) The sciences of learning and instructional design : constructive articulation between communities / edited by Lin Lin and J. Michael Spector. LB1028.38 .C659 2018 LB1028.38 .C659 2018 (ON SHELF) Behavior and group management in outdoor adventure education : theory, research and practice / [edited by] Alan Ewert and Curt Davidson. LB1047 .B38 2017 LB1047 .B38 2017 (ON SHELF) Learning together with young children : a curriculum framework for reflective teachers / Deb Curtis and Margie Carter. LB1139.4 .C876 2017 LB1139.4 .C876 2017 (ON SHELF) Barron's SAT / Sharon Weiner Green, M.A. (Former Instructor in English, Merritt College, Oakland, California), Ira K. Wolf, Ph.D. (Founder, PowerPrep, Inc., Former High School Teacher, College Professor, and University Director of Teacher Preparation), Brian W. Stewart, M.Ed. (Founder and President, BWS Education Consulting, Inc.). LB2353.57 .H575 2017 LB2353.57 .H575 2017 (ON SHELF) Guidance for every child : teaching young children to manage conflict / Dan Gartrell, EdD. LB3012 .G39 2017 LB3012 .G39 2017 (ON SHELF) Bullying in school : perspectives from school staff, students, and parents / Lisa H. Rosen, Kathy DeOrnellas, Shannon R. Scott, editors. LB3013.3 .B8142 2017 LB3013.3 .B8142 2017 (ON SHELF) Leading while Black : reflections on the racial realities of Black school leaders through the Obama era and beyond / Floyd Cobb. LC213.2 .C59 2017 LC213.2 .C59 2017 (ON SHELF) Music at hand : instruments, bodies, and cognition / Jonathan De Souza. ML3838 .D32 2017 ML3838 .D32 2017 (ON SHELF) The recording machine : art and fact during the cold war / Joshua Shannon. N6494 .R4 S53 2017 N6494 .R4 S53 2017 (ON SHELF) Paul Nash / edited by Emma Chambers. N6797 .N37 A4 2016 N6797 .N37 A4 2016 (ON SHELF) Dubuffet drawings, 1935-1962 / Isabelle Dervaux ; with contributions by Cornelia H. Butler, Margaret Holben Ellis and Lindsey Tyne, Alex Potts ; and texts by Jean Dubuffet. N6853 .D78 A4 2016 N6853 .D78 A4 2016 (ON SHELF) Matisse in the studio / Ellen McBreen and Helen Burnham ; with contributions by Suzanne Preston Blier [and five others]. N6853 .M33 A4 2017 N6853 .M33 A4 2017 (ON SHELF) Vibrant metropolis, idyllic nature : Kirchner, the Berlin years / content editing, Sandra Gianfreda and Martina Pfister ; translations, Russell Stockman. N6888 .K45 A4 2017 N6888 .K45 A4 2017 (ON SHELF) Chagall and music / edited by Ambre Gauthier and Meret Meyer. N6999 .C46 A4 2016 N6999 .C46 A4 2016 (ON SHELF) Yayoi Kusama : I who have arrived in heaven / text by Akira Tatehata ; poem by Yayoi Kusama. N7359 .K87 A4 2014 N7359 .K87 A4 2014 (ON SHELF) Yayoi Kusama : infinity mirrors / Edited by Mika Yoshitake ; With contributions by Melissa Chiu, Alexander Dumbadze, Alex Jones, Gloria Sutton, Miwako Tezuka, Mika Yoshitake. N7359 .K87 A4 2017 N7359 .K87 A4 2017 (ON SHELF) Ciprian Mure?an : drawings, 2015-2004 / edited by Mihai Pop ; translations from Romanian into English: Mihnea Mircan, Alexandru Polgár. NC308 .M87 A4 2015 NC308 .M87 A4 2015 (ON SHELF) Arthur Dove : always connect / Rachael Z. DeLue. ND237 .D67 D45 2016 ND237 .D67 D45 2016 (ON SHELF) William Hogarth : a complete catalogue of the paintings / Elizabeth Einberg. ND497 .H7 E39 2016 ND497 .H7 E39 2016 (ON SHELF) Assessment in second language pronunciation / edited by Okim Kang and April Ginther. P118.75 .A77 2018 P118.75 .A77 2018 (ON SHELF) Qualitative research methods for media studies / Bonnie S. Brennen. P91.3 .B74 2017 P91.3 .B74 2017 (ON SHELF) Information graphics : innovative solutions in contemporary design / Peter Wildbur and Michael Burke. London :|bThames and Hudson,|c©1998. P93.5 .W56 1998 P93.5 .W56 1998 (ON SHELF) Global perspectives on intercultural communication / edited by Stephen M. Croucher. P95.54 .G56 2017 P95.54 .G56 2017 (ON SHELF) Language and crime : constructing offenders and victims in newspaper reports / Ulrike Tabbert. P96 .L34 T33 2016 P96 .L34 T33 2016 (ON SHELF) It happened one night [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures ; produced and directed by Frank Capra. Culver City, CA :|bColumbia triStar Home Video|c1999. PN 1997 I72 1999 PN 1997 I72 1999 (ON SHELF) Psycho [videorecording] / Universal Pictures. Universal City, CA :|bUniversal Home Video,|cc1998. PN 1997 P793 1998 PN 1997 P793 1998 (ON SHELF) Kiss me deadly / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; Victor Saville presents, Mickey Spillane's "Kiss me deadly" ; screenplay by A.I. Bezzerides ; produced and directed by Robert Aldrich ; a Parklane Picture released through United Artists. PN1995.9 .F54 K57 2011 PN1995.9 .F54 K57 2011 (ON SHELF) The Texas chain saw massacre / Vortex ; story and screenplay, Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper ; producer/director, Tobe Hooper. PN1995.9 .H6 T49 2014 PN1995.9 .H6 T49 2014 (ON SHELF) There will be blood [videorecording] / Paramount and Miramax Films present a Joanne Sellar / Ghoulardi Film Company production. Hollywood, Calif. :|bParamount Home Entertainment,|cc2007. PN1995.9 .M45 T4474 2007 PN1995.9 .M45 T4474 2007 (ON SHELF) Alien [videorecording] / 20th Century Fox ; a Brandywine-Ronald Shusett production; a Ridley Scott film. Beverly Hills :|bTwentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment,|c2004. PN1995.9 .S26 A442 2004 PN1995.9 .S26 A442 2004 (ON SHELF) Filmurbia : screening the suburbs / David Forrest, Graeme Harper, Jonathan Rayner, editors. PN1995.9 .S74 F55 2017 PN1995.9 .S74 F55 2017 (ON SHELF) Children of men [videorecording] / Universal Pictures presents ; a Strike Entertainment production ; in association with Hit and Run Productions ; produced in association with Ingenious Film Partners ; screenplay by Alfonso Cuarón, Timothy J. Sexton, David Arata, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby ; produced by Hilary Shor, Iain Smith, Tony Smith, Marc Abraham, Eric Newman ; directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Universal City, CA :|b[Distributed by] Universal Studios Home Entertainment,|cc2007. PN1995.9 .S87 C45 2007 PN1995.9 .S87 C45 2007 (ON SHELF) Lost highway / CiBy 2000 présente ; a CiBy 2000/Asymmetrical production ; produced by Deepak Nayar, Tom Sternberg, Mary Sweeney ; written by David Lynch & Barry Gifford ; directed by David Lynch. Universal City, Calif. :|bUniversal Studios Home Entertainment,|c[2008] PN1995.9 .S87 L678 2008 PN1995.9 .S87 L678 2008 (ON SHELF) The searchers / Warner Bros. Pictures presents the C.V. Whitney picture ; screenplay by Frank S. Nugent ; executive producer, Merian C. Cooper ; directed by John Ford. PN1995.9 .W4 S43 2007 PN1995.9 .W4 S43 2007 (ON SHELF) Mad Max : Fury road / directed by George Miller. PN1997.2 .F879 2015 PN1997.2 .F879 2015 (ON SHELF) Tabloid journalism in Africa / Brian Chama. PN5450 .C436 2017 PN5450 .C436 2017 (ON SHELF) El olor de la guayaba / Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza y Gabriel García Márquez. PQ8180.17 .A73 Z49 2007 PQ8180.17 .A73 Z49 2007 (ON SHELF) Un vestido rojo para bailar boleros / Carmen Cecilia Suárez. PQ8180.29 .U22 V47 1997 PQ8180.29 .U22 V47 1997 (ON SHELF) El libro de los abrazos : imágenes y palabras / de Eduardo Galeano. México, D.F. :|bSiglo Veintiuno Editores ;|aBuenos Aires :|bSiglo XXI Editores Argentina,|c2001. PQ8520.17 .A4 L5 2001 PQ8520.17 .A4 L5 2001 (ON SHELF) Disease and death in eighteenth-century literature and culture : fashioning the unfashionable / Allan Ingram, Leigh Wetherall Dickson, editors. PR448 .D57 D57 2016 PR448 .D57 D57 2016 (ON SHELF) A wrinkle in time / Madeleine L'Engle. New York :|bFarrar, Straus, and Giroux,|cc1962. PZ 7 L5385 W73 1962 PZ 7 L5385 W73 1962 (ON SHELF) Teaching secondary mathematics / Gregory Hine, Robyn Reaburn, Judy Anderson, Linda Galligan, Colin Carmichael, Michael Cavanagh, Bing Ngu, Bruce White. QA14 .A9 T43 2016 QA14 .A9 T43 2016 (ON SHELF) Dead zone : where the wild things were / Philip Lymbery. QH75 .L96 2017 QH75 .L96 2017 (ON SHELF) Monitoring training and performance in athletes / Mike McGuigan, PhD (Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand). RA781 .M392 2017 RA781 .M392 2017 (ON SHELF) Internal family systems therapy with children / Lisa Spiegel. RC488.53 .S65 2017 RC488.53 .S65 2017 (ON SHELF) Observation medicine : principles and protocols / edited by Sharon E. Mace (Emergency Services Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH). RT48 .O273 2017 RT48 .O273 2017 (ON SHELF) Signage and wayfinding design : a complete guide to creating environmental graphic design systems / Chris Calori, David Vanden-Eynden ; forewords by Tom Geismar, Ivan Chermayeff. T385 .C351 2015 T385 .C351 2015 (ON SHELF) Newspaper city : Toronto's street surfaces and the liberal press, 1860-1935 / Phillip Gordon Mackintosh. TE27 .T6 M33 2017 TE27 .T6 M33 2017 (ON SHELF) Maternal-newborn nursing : the critical components of nursing care / Roberta F. Durham, Linda Chapman. Philadelphia :|bF.A. Davis,|cc2014. WY 157.3 D961 2014 WY 157.3 D961 2014 (ON SHELF)