UA Library New Books New Books - MacEwan University New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 16 October, 2017 06:39:06 America/Edmonton Spinoza's 'Ethics' : a critical guide / edited by Yitzhak Y. Melamed, (The Johns Hopkins University). B3974 .S65 2017 B3974 .S65 2017 (ON SHELF) Toward a non-humanist humanism : theory after 9/11 / William V. Spanos. B821 .S73 2017 B821 .S73 2017 (ON SHELF) Loving immigrants in America : an experiential philosophy of personal interaction / Daniel G. Campos. B936 .C36 2017 B936 .C36 2017 (ON SHELF) Critical theory and epistemology : the politics of modern thought and science / Anastasia Marinopoulou. BD161 .M297 2017 BD161 .M297 2017 (ON SHELF) Power, culture and situated research methodology : autobiography, field, text / Cecilie Basberg Neumann, Iver B. Neumann. BD340 .N48 2018 BD340 .N48 2018 (ON SHELF) Causal powers / edited by Jonathan D. Jacobs. BD541 .C18 2017 BD541 .C18 2017 (ON SHELF) Woman's embodied self : feminist perspectives on identity and image / Joan C. Chrisler, Ingrid Johnston-Robledo. BF201.4 .C47 2018 BF201.4 .C47 2018 (ON SHELF) Sensory blending : on synaesthesia and related phenomena / edited by Ophelia Deroy. BF495 .S46 2017 BF495 .S46 2017 (ON SHELF) Emotional lives : dramas of identity in an age of mass media / E. Doyle McCarthy (Fordham University). BF561 .M33 2017 BF561 .M33 2017 (ON SHELF) Mindfulness and meditation for adolescents : practices and programs / Betsy L. Wisner. BF637 .M4 W57 2017 BF637 .M4 W57 2017 (ON SHELF) Parental vigilant care : a guide for clinicians and caretakers / edited by Haim Omer. BF723 .P25 P287 2017 BF723 .P25 P287 2017 (ON SHELF) Psychology of morality : new research / Miranda Fuller, editor. BF76.4 .P826 2016 BF76.4 .P826 2016 (ON SHELF) Applied qualitative research in psychology / edited by Joanna Brooks and Nigel King. BF76.5 .A736 2017 BF76.5 .A736 2017 (ON SHELF) Expressing the heart's intent : explorations in Chinese aesthetics / Marthe Atwater Chandler. BH221 .C6 C43128 2017 BH221 .C6 C43128 2017 (ON SHELF) Liberalism's religion / C├ęcile Laborde. BL65 .S8 L325 2017 BL65 .S8 L325 2017 (ON SHELF) The givenness of desire : concrete subjectivity and the natural desire to see God / Randall S. Rosenberg. BX4705 .L7133 R67 2017 BX4705 .L7133 R67 2017 (ON SHELF) Twilight of empire : the Brest-Litovsk Conference and the remaking of East-Central Europe, 1917-1918 / Borislav Chernev. D653 .C475 2017 D653 .C475 2017 (ON SHELF) Forging the kingdom : power in English society, 973-1189 / Judith A. Green. DA130 .G75 2017 DA130 .G75 2017 (ON SHELF) 'This favoured land' : Edward King-Tenison and Lady Louisa in Spain, 1850-1853 / Lee Fontanella. DA916.3 .T46 F66 2017 DA916.3 .T46 F66 2017 (ON SHELF) Edging toward Iberia / Jean Dangler. DP63 .D36 2017 DP63 .D36 2017 (ON SHELF) Light Kit, Genaray LED EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Large #2 EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Large #2 (TECH DESK) Light Kit, Genaray LED EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #2 EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #2 (TECH DESK) Light Kit, Genaray LED EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #3 EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #3 (TECH DESK) Light Kit, Genaray LED EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #4 EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #4 (TECH DESK) Light Kit, Genaray LED EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #5 EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #5 (TECH DESK) Light Kit, Genaray LED EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #6 EQUIPMENT Genaray LED Small #6 (TECH DESK) Sennheiser Lav Mic EQUIPMENT Sennheiser EW122p Lav Mic Kit EQUIPMENT Sennheiser EW122p Lav Mic Kit (TECH DESK) The big push : exposing and challenging the persistence of patriarchy / Cynthia Enloe. GN479.6 .E55 2017 GN479.6 .E55 2017 (ON SHELF) Template analysis for business and management students / Nigel King & Joanna M. Brooks. H62 .K525 2017 H62 .K525 2017 (ON SHELF) Mega-events and mega-ambitions : South Korea's rise and the strategic use of the big four events / Yu-Min Joo, Yooil Bae, Eva Kassens-Noor. HC467.96 .J66 2017 HC467.96 .J66 2017 (ON SHELF) From millennium development goals to sustainable development goals : rethinking African development / edited by Kobena T. Hanson, Korbla P. Puplampu and Timothy M. Shaw. HC800 .Z9 E5444 2018 HC800 .Z9 E5444 2018 (ON SHELF) The political economy of clean energy transitions / edited by Douglas Arent, Channing Arndt, Mackay Miller, Finn Tarp, and Owen Zinaman. HC85 .P643 2017 HC85 .P643 2017 (ON SHELF) Comprehensive strategic management : a guide for students, insight for managers / by Eric J. Bolland. HD30.28 .B656 2017 HD30.28 .B656 2017 (ON SHELF) Organizations and identity / Gregory S. Larson and Rebecca Gill. HD31 .L31567 2017 HD31 .L31567 2017 (ON SHELF) The Palgrave handbook of leadership in transforming Asia / Nuttawuth Muenjohn, Adela McMurray, editors. HD38.25 .A78 P354 2017 HD38.25 .A78 P354 2017 (ON SHELF) The deindustrialized world : confronting ruination in postindustrial places / edited by Steven High, Lachlan MacKinnon, and Andrew Perchard. HD5708.5 .D45 2017 HD5708.5 .D45 2017 (ON SHELF) Managing open innovation in SMEs / Wim Vanhaverbeke (University of Hasselt, Belgium, ESADE Business School, Spain, National University of Singapore, Singapore). HD62.7 .V365 2017 HD62.7 .V365 2017 (ON SHELF) The network organization : a governance perspective on structure, dynamics and performance / Anna Moretti. HD69 .S8 M674 2017 HD69 .S8 M674 2017 (ON SHELF) Stigmas, work and organizations / S. Bruce Thomson, Gina Grandy, editors. HF5549 .S857 2018 HF5549 .S857 2018 (ON SHELF) Strategic planning for public relations / Ronald D. Smith. HM1221 .S77 2017 HM1221 .S77 2017 (ON SHELF) Communication and social change : a citizen perspective / Thomas Tufte. HM831 .T84 2017 HM831 .T84 2017 (ON SHELF) Addicted to rehab : race, gender, and drugs in the era of mass incarceration / Allison McKim. HV5801 .M355 2017 HV5801 .M355 2017 (ON SHELF) Gender, crime, & justice : exploring the dynamics / Andrew Wilczak. HV6046 .W55 2017 HV6046 .W55 2017 (ON SHELF) Terrorizing the masses : identity, mass shootings, and the media construction of "terror" / Ruth DeFoster. HV6529 .D44 2017 HV6529 .D44 2017 (ON SHELF) Runaway devil : how forbidden love drove a 12-year-old to murder her family / Robert Remington, Sherri Zickefoose. HV6535 .C33 M43 2010 HV6535 .C33 M43 2010 (ON SHELF) Effective police supervision / Larry S. Miller, Harry W. More, and Michael C. Braswell. HV7936 .S8 M67 2017 HV7936 .S8 M67 2017 (ON SHELF) The knowledge we have lost in information : the history of information in modern economics / Philip Mirowski and Edward Nik-Khah. JC574 .M567 2017 JC574 .M567 2017 (ON SHELF) The life and times of Arthur Browne in Ireland and America, 1756-1805 : civil law and civil liberties / Joseph C. Sweeney. KDK161 .B76 S94 2017 KDK161 .B76 S94 2017 (ON SHELF) Recipes for messy play : 40 fun sensory experiences for young learners. LB1139.35 .P55 S53 2013 LB1139.35 .P55 S53 2013 (ON SHELF) Social work and K-12 schools casebook : phenomenological perspectives / edited by Miriam Jaffe, PhD, Jerry Floersch, PhD, Jeffrey Longhofer, PhD, and Wendy Winograd, DSW. LB3013.4 .S59 2018 LB3013.4 .S59 2018 (ON SHELF) Children's experiences of classrooms : talking about being pupils in the classroom / Eleanore Hargreaves. LB3605 .H276 2017 LB3605 .H276 2017 (ON SHELF) Beyond the crossroads : the devil & the blues tradition / Adam Gussow. ML3521 .G94 2017 ML3521 .G94 2017 (ON SHELF) Elizabeth Peyton : dark incandescence / text by Kirsty Bell. N6537 .P428 A4 2017 N6537 .P428 A4 2017 (ON SHELF) The monologic imagination / edited by Matt Tomlinson and Julian Millie. P95.455 .M66 2017 P95.455 .M66 2017 (ON SHELF) The politics of sacrifice in early Greek myth and poetry / Charles H. Stocking (University of Western Ontario). PA3015 .R4 S76 2017 PA3015 .R4 S76 2017 (ON SHELF) Controversies in second language writing : dilemmas and decisions in research and instruction / Christine Pearson Casanave. PE1404 .C3495 2017 PE1404 .C3495 2017 (ON SHELF) Milton's leveller God / David Williams. PR3592 .P64 W55 2017 PR3592 .P64 W55 2017 (ON SHELF) Bedouin of the London evening : collected poems & selected prose / Rosemary Tonks. PR6070 .O5 A6 2016 PR6070 .O5 A6 2016 (ON SHELF) Carlos Bulosan : revolutionary Filipino writer in the United States : a critical appraisal / E. San Juan, Jr. PR9550.9 .B8 Z87 2017 PR9550.9 .B8 Z87 2017 (ON SHELF) Willa Cather at the modernist crux / edited by Ann Moseley, John J. Murphy, and Robert Thacker. PS3505 .A87 Z947 2017 PS3505 .A87 Z947 2017 (ON SHELF) Health promotion & wellbeing in people with mental health problems / edited by Tim Bradshaw, Hilary Mairs. RA790.53 .H43 2017 RA790.53 .H43 2017 (ON SHELF) Public health perspectives on depressive disorders / edited by Neal L. Cohen (Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Adjunct Professor, Department of Population Health, New York University School of Medicine, Senior Medical Advisor, New York State Office of Mental Health, Former Commissioner, New York City Departments of Health and Mental Health). RC537 .P83 2017 RC537 .P83 2017 (ON SHELF) Nonlinear computational solid mechanics / Jamshid Ghaboussi, David A. Pecknold, Xiping Steven Wu. TA350 .G454 2017 TA350 .G454 2017 (ON SHELF)