UA Library New Books New Books - MacEwan University New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 27 February, 2017 06:39:06 America/Edmonton Creating freedom : the lottery of birth, the illusion of consent, and the fight for our future / Raoul Martinez. B824.4 .M335 2016 B824.4 .M335 2016 (ON SHELF) An ontology for social reality / Tiziana Andina ; translated by Sarah De Sanctis. BD314 .A5313 2016 BD314 .A5313 2016 (ON SHELF) The psychology of friendship / edited by Mahzad Hojjat and Anne Moyer. BF575 .F66 P79 2017 BF575 .F66 P79 2017 (ON SHELF) Contact and context : new directions in Gestalt coaching / editors, Ty Francis, Malcolm Parlett. BF637 .P36 C65 2016 BF637 .P36 C65 2016 (ON SHELF) The psychologist's companion : a guide to professional success for students, teachers, and researchers / Robert J. Sternberg (Cornell University), Karin Sternberg (Cornell University). BF76.8 .S73 2016 BF76.8 .S73 2016 (ON SHELF) On betrayal / Avishai Margalit. BJ1500 .B47 M37 2017 BJ1500 .B47 M37 2017 (ON SHELF) Mussolini 1883-1915 : triumph and transformation of a revolutionary socialist / Spencer M. Di Scala, Emilio Gentile, editors. New York, NY, U.S.A. :|bPalgrave Macmillan imprint is published by Springer Nature,|c[2016] DG575 .M8 M8467 2016 DG575 .M8 M8467 2016 (ON SHELF) A world trimmed with fur : wild things, pristine places, and the natural fringes of Qing / Jonathan Schlesinger. DS754.12 .S35 2017 DS754.12 .S35 2017 (ON SHELF) Lebanon : the Bradt Travel Guide / Paul Doyle. DS80 .A5 D69 2017 DS80 .A5 D69 2017 (ON SHELF) Two soft things, two hard things / written, produced & directed by Mark Kenneth Woods & Michael Yerxz. E99 .E7 T9 2016 E99 .E7 T9 2016 (ON SHELF) Between dispersion and belonging : global approaches to diaspora in practice / edited by Amitava Chowdhury and Donald Harman Akenson. GF41 .B494 2016 GF41 .B494 2016 (ON SHELF) A world of babies : imagined childcare guides for eight societies / edited by Alma Gottlieb (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Judy S. DeLoache (University of Virginia). GN482 .W67 2017 GN482 .W67 2017 (ON SHELF) The BRICS in international development / Jing Gu, Alex Shankland, Anuradha Chenoy, editors. HC59.7 .B68728 2016 HC59.7 .B68728 2016 (ON SHELF) The third sector : community organizations, NGOs, and nonprofits / Meghan Elizabeth Kallman, Terry Nichols Clark ; with assistance from Cary Wu and Jean Yen-Chun Lin. HD2769.15 .K35 2016 HD2769.15 .K35 2016 (ON SHELF) Cosmopolitan managers : executive development that works / Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño ; preface by Nick H.M. van Dam (Global Chief Learning Offices, McKinsey & Company). HD57.7 .I55 2016 HD57.7 .I55 2016 (ON SHELF) Sense & respond : how successful organizations listen to customers and create new products continuously / Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden. HD58.9 .G6795 2017 HD58.9 .G6795 2017 (ON SHELF) A New Deal for China's workers? / Cynthia Estlund. HD8736.5 .E87 2017 HD8736.5 .E87 2017 (ON SHELF) Columbia Business School : a century of ideas / edited by Brian Thomas ; written by the faculty of Columbia Business School. HF1134 .C759 C65 2016 HF1134 .C759 C65 2016 (ON SHELF) The new frontier investors : how pension funds, sovereign funds, and endowments are changing the business of investment management and long-term investing / Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Adam D. Dixon, Ashby H.B. Monk. HG4521 .B3425 2016 HG4521 .B3425 2016 (ON SHELF) Enhancing culturally integrative family safety response in Muslim communities / Mohammed Baobaid and Lynda M. Ashbourne. HV4013 .C2 B36 2017 HV4013 .C2 B36 2017 (ON SHELF) Governing the police : experience in six democracies / David H. Bayley and Philip C. Stenning. HV7921 .B353 2016 HV7921 .B353 2016 (ON SHELF) Saving the people : how populists hijack religion / Nadia Marzouki, Duncan McDonnell, Olivier Roy (editors). JC423 .S274736 2016 JC423 .S274736 2016 (ON SHELF) Free speech beyond words : the surprising reach of the First Amendment / Mark V. Tushnet, Alan K. Chen, and Joseph Blocher. JC591 .T854 2017 JC591 .T854 2017 (ON SHELF) Access to information and social justice : critical research strategies for journalists, scholars, and activists / edited by Jamie Brownlee and Kevin Walby. JL86 .S43 A23 2015 JL86 .S43 A23 2015 (ON SHELF) Migration / Michael Samers and Michael Collyer. JV6091 .S36 2017 JV6091 .S36 2017 (ON SHELF) Foreign policy : theories, actors, cases / edited by Steve Smith, Amelia Hadfield, Tim Dunne. JZ1305 .F67 2016 JZ1305 .F67 2016 (ON SHELF) The language of art : inquiry-based studio practices in early childhood settings / Ann Pelo. LB1139.5 .A78 P45 2017 LB1139.5 .A78 P45 2017 (ON SHELF) School bullying : teachers helping students cope / Phillip T. Slee. LB3013.3 .S57 2017 LB3013.3 .S57 2017 (ON SHELF) Assistive technology / Emily C. Bouck (Michigan State University). LC4019 .B67 2017 LC4019 .B67 2017 (ON SHELF) A farewell to kings [sound recording] / Rush. New York, New York :|bMercury :|bAnthem,|c[1997], c1977. M 1679.18 R952 F37 1997 M 1679.18 R952 F37 1997 (MUSIC CD) Hemispheres [sound recording] / Rush. New York, New York :|bMercury :|bAnthem,|cp1978. M 1679.18 R952 H46 1978 M 1679.18 R952 H46 1978 (MUSIC CD) There's something about me / Alice Babs. [Place of publication not identified] :|bBluebell,|c©1993. M1366 .B214 T44 1993 M1366 .B214 T44 1993 (MUSIC CD) But not for me : a Chet Baker studio discovery / Chet Baker. New York, NY :|bStash Records,|c?1994. M1366 .B23 B8 1994 M1366 .B23 B8 1994 (MUSIC CD) Rolling with Bolling : intégrale 1973-1983 / Claude Bolling. Vincennes :|bFrémeaux & Associés,|cc2001. M1366 .B6388 R65 2001 M1366 .B6388 R65 2001 (MUSIC CD) One never knows, do one? : [a tribute to Fats Waller & his music] / Geoff Cole's Hot Five. Bridgeport, Conn. :|bJazz Crusade :|bSpecial Request Music,|c[1999] M1366 .C4558 O54 1999 M1366 .C4558 O54 1999 (MUSIC CD) Coleman Hawkins encounters Ben Webster [sound recording] : the complete session / Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster. European Union :|bEssential Jazz Classics,|cp2009. M1366 .H373 C654 2009 M1366 .H373 C654 2009 (MUSIC CD) Jazz at the Cafe Society : in N.Y. in the 40's / Eddie Heywood and his orchestra [and the] Edmond Hall Sextet. New York, NY :|bCommodore :|bManufactured and distributed by the Special Music Co. and Pair Records,|c©1989, ?1944. M1366 .H494 J39 1989 M1366 .H494 J39 1989 (MUSIC CD) Solo piano : the Australian sessions 1972 / Earl Hines. M1366 .H525 S65 2003 M1366 .H525 S65 2003 (MUSIC CD) Hodge podge / Johnny Hodges and his orchestra. New York, New York :|bLegacy,|c©1995. M1366 .H555 H63 1995 M1366 .H555 H63 1995 (MUSIC CD) In a mellow tone / Johnny Hodges & Wild Bill Davis. M1366 .H555 I53 1990 M1366 .H555 I53 1990 (MUSIC CD) Passion flower / Johnny Hodges. [Place of publication not identified] :|bSarabandas srl,|c?1994. M1366 .H555 P37 1994 M1366 .H555 P37 1994 (MUSIC CD) Rabbit Johnny Hodges : the complete 1937-1940 small group sessions. M1366 .H555 R33 1995 v.1 M1366 .H555 R33 1995 v.1 (MUSIC CD) Rabbit Johnny Hodges : the complete 1937-1940 small group sessions. M1366 .H555 R33 1995 v.2 M1366 .H555 R33 1995 v.2 (MUSIC CD) Rabbit Johnny Hodges : the complete 1941-1954 small group sessions. M1366 .H555 R332 1995 v.1 M1366 .H555 R332 1995 v.1 (MUSIC CD) Rabbit Johnny Hodges : the complete 1941-1954 small group sessions. M1366 .H555 R332 1995 v.2 M1366 .H555 R332 1995 v.2 (MUSIC CD) Willie Lewis and his Negro Band, 1941. France :|bClassics,|c©1996. M1366 .L464 W554 1996 M1366 .L464 W554 1996 (MUSIC CD) Jack Linx & Maurice Sigler. Scarborough, Ont. :|bJazz Oracle,|c[2000?] M1366 .L526 J33 2000 M1366 .L526 J33 2000 (MUSIC CD) The hot trumpets of Joe Newman & Henry "Red" Allen. Berkeley, CA :|bPrestige Records,|c?1999. M1366 .N4856 H68 1999 M1366 .N4856 H68 1999 (MUSIC CD) Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Andre Ekyan : Rome, 1949-1950. West Germany :|bRCA,|c1987. M1366 .R45 D617 1986 v.1 M1366 .R45 D617 1986 v.1 (MUSIC CD) Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Andre Ekyan : Rome, 1949-1950. West Germany :|bRCA,|c1987. M1366 .R45 D617 1986 v.2 M1366 .R45 D617 1986 v.2 (MUSIC CD) Django Reinhardt with the ATC Band/the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Villetaneuse :|bVogue,|c[1988] M1366 .R45 D63 1988 M1366 .R45 D63 1988 (MUSIC CD) Pêche à la mouche : the great Blue Star sessions 1947, 1953 / Django Reinhardt. M1366 .R45 P43 2003 M1366 .R45 P43 2003 (MUSIC CD) Live at Birdland / Lester Young Quartet. Italy :|bBandstand,|c1989. M1366 .Y683 L58 1989 M1366 .Y683 L58 1989 (MUSIC CD) Live at Birdland. Volume II / Lester Young. [Italy] :|bBandstand,|c?1994. M1366 .Y683 L582 1994 M1366 .Y683 L582 1994 (MUSIC CD) Scoring the score : the role of the orchestrator in the contemporary film industry / Ian Sapiro. ML2075 .S266 2017 ML2075 .S266 2017 (ON SHELF) See you at the crossroads : hip hop scholarship at the intersections / edited by Brad Porfilio, Debangshu Roychoudhury and Lauren M. Gardner. Rotterdam :|bSense Publishers,|cc2014. ML3531 .S44 2014 ML3531 .S44 2014 (ON SHELF) Essay essentials with readings / Sarah Norton, Brian Green, Rhonda Dynes. PE1471 .N693 2016 PE1471 .N693 2016 (ON SHELF) The actor's workbook : a practical guide to training, rehearsing and devising + video / Alex Clifton. PN2061 .C5755 2016 PN2061 .C5755 2016 (ON SHELF) Facing the fear : an actor's guide to overcoming stage fright / Bella Merlin. PN2071 .P78 M47 2016 PN2071 .P78 M47 2016 (ON SHELF) Narrative theory : a critical introduction / Kent Puckett (University of California, Berkeley). PN212 .P83 2016 PN212 .P83 2016 (ON SHELF) On Broadway : from Rent to Revolution / Drew Hodges ; edited by Garth Wingfield ; introduction by David Sedaris ; foreword by Chip Kidd. PN2277 .N5 H63 2016 PN2277 .N5 H63 2016 (ON SHELF) Your voice is your business : the science and art of communication / Orlando R. Barone, MA, Cari M. Tellis, PhD. PN4162 .B268 2016 PN4162 .B268 2016 (ON SHELF) Getting it wrong : debunking the greatest myths in American journalism / W. Joseph Campbell. PN4756 .C36 2017 PN4756 .C36 2017 (ON SHELF) How to revise a true war story : Tim O'Brien's process of textual production / John K. Young. PS3565 .B75 Z96 2017 PS3565 .B75 Z96 2017 (ON SHELF) If you hold a seed / by Elly MacKay. Philadelphia :|bRP Kids,|cc2013. PZ7 .M19124 I4 2013 PZ7 .M19124 I4 2013 (JUVENILE) Tokyo digs a garden / Jon-Erik Lappano ; pictures by Kellen Hatanaka. PZ7.1 .L346 T65 2016 PZ7.1 .L346 T65 2016 (JUVENILE) An informal introduction to stochastic calculus with applications / Ovidiu Calin (Eastern Michigan University, USA). QA274.2 .C35 2015 QA274.2 .C35 2015 (ON SHELF) Statistical modeling and machine learning for molecular biology / Alan M. Moses (University of Toronto, Canada). QH506 .M74 2017 QH506 .M74 2017 (ON SHELF)