UA Library New Books New Books - MacEwan University New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 18 June, 2018 06:39:06 America/Edmonton The young Descartes : nobility, rumor, and war / Harold J. Cook. B1873 .C66 2018 B1873 .C66 2018 (ON SHELF) Taking care of youth and the generations / Bernard Stiegler ; translated by Stephen Barker. Stanford, Calif. :|bStanford University Press,|c2010. BF 321 S75 2010 BF 321 S75 2010 (ON SHELF) The Timothy Leary project / Jennifer Ulrich ; preface by Michael Horowitz. BF109 .L43 U47 2018 BF109 .L43 U47 2018 (ON SHELF) Insight and creativity in problem solving / edited by Kenneth J. Gilhooly, Linden J. Ball and Laura Macchi. BF449 .I575 2018 BF449 .I575 2018 (ON SHELF) Religion and Canadian party politics / David Rayside, Jerald Sabin, Paul E.J. Thomas. BL65 .P7 R378 2017 BL65 .P7 R378 2017 (ON SHELF) Hadrian's Wall / Adrian Goldsworthy. DA146 .G65 2018 DA146 .G65 2018 (ON SHELF) A Spanish prisoner in the ruins of Napoleon's empire : the diary of Fernando Blanco White's flight to freedom / edited, with an introduction, by Christopher Schmidt-Nowara. DC226.6 .P74 W55 2018 DC226.6 .P74 W55 2018 (ON SHELF) Paris in architecture, literature and art / May Peyron Spangler. DC715 .S673 2018 DC715 .S673 2018 (ON SHELF) Political leadership and Erdo?an / by Yalç?n Akdo?an. DR605 .E73 A726 2018 DR605 .E73 A726 2018 (ON SHELF) The forty-seven r?nin : the vendetta in history / John A. Tucker (East Carolina University). DS873 .T83 2018 DS873 .T83 2018 (ON SHELF) America's middlemen : power at the edge of empire / Eric Grynaviski (George Washington University). E188 .G87 2018 E188 .G87 2018 (ON SHELF) Tribal strengths and Native education : voices from the reservation classroom / Terry Huffman. E97 .H796 2018 E97 .H796 2018 (ON SHELF) Metis and the medicine line : creating a border and dividing a people / Michel Hogue. E99 .M47 H64 2015 E99 .M47 H64 2015 (ON SHELF) Revolution in the terra do sol : the Cold War in Brazil / Sarah Sarzynski. F2583 .S27 2018 F2583 .S27 2018 (ON SHELF) Alaska by cruise ship : the complete guide to cruising Alaska / Anne Vipond. F902.3 .V56 2017 F902.3 .V56 2017 (ON SHELF) Canada and the British Empire / Phillip Buckner, editor. Oxford ;|aNew York :|bOxford University Press,|c2010. FC245 .C35 2010 FC245 .C35 2010 (ON SHELF) Stern's guide to the cruise vacation / Steven B. Stern. G153.4 .S744 2018 G153.4 .S744 2018 (ON SHELF) Culture across the curriculum : a psychology teacher's handbook / edited by Kenneth D. Keith (University of San Diego). GN270 .C87 2018 GN270 .C87 2018 (ON SHELF) Urban life : readings in the anthropology of the city / [edited by] George Gmelch (University of San Francisco), Petra Kuppinger (Monmouth College). GN395 .U725 2018 GN395 .U725 2018 (ON SHELF) Tribes and global jihadism / Virginie Collombier, Olivier Roy (Editors). GN492.5 .T753 2018 GN492.5 .T753 2018 (ON SHELF) Incentives : motivation and the economics of information / Donald E. Campbell (College of William and Mary, VA). HB846.8 .C365 2018 HB846.8 .C365 2018 (ON SHELF) New challenges in change management / ?ukasz Su?kowski, Ewa Grandys (eds.). HD31 .N4539 2018 HD31 .N4539 2018 (ON SHELF) CEO school : insights from 20 global business leaders / Stanislav Shekshnia, Kirill Kravchenko, Elin Williams. HD38.2 .S488 2018 HD38.2 .S488 2018 (ON SHELF) Hacker culture and the new rules of innovation / Tim Rayner. HD58.8 .R36 2018 HD58.8 .R36 2018 (ON SHELF) Balancing green : when to embrace sustainability in a business (and when not to) / Yossi Sheffi ; with Edgar Blanco. HD60 .S5329 2018 HD60 .S5329 2018 (ON SHELF) Walmart in the Global South : workplace culture, labor politics, and supply chains / edited by Carolina Bank Muñoz, Bridget Kenny, Antonio Stecher. HF5429.215 .D44 W35 2018 HF5429.215 .D44 W35 2018 (ON SHELF) Diversity management and identity in organisations : from liminality to inclusion / by Davide Bizjak. HF5549.5 .M5 B54 2018 HF5549.5 .M5 B54 2018 (ON SHELF) The craft of writing in sociology : developing the argument in undergraduate essays and dissertations / Andrew Balmer and Anne Murcott. HM569 .B35 2017 HM569 .B35 2017 (ON SHELF) Topology of violence / Byung-Chul Han ; translated by Amanda DeMarco. HM886 .H34513 2018 HM886 .H34513 2018 (ON SHELF) Planning with complexity : an introduction to collaborative rationality for public policy / Judith E. Innes and David E. Booher. HN49 .C6 I536 2018 HN49 .C6 I536 2018 (ON SHELF) A child of one's own : parental stories / Rachel Bowlby. Oxford, UK :|bOxford University Press,|c2013. HQ 755.85 B69 2013 HQ 755.85 B69 2013 (ON SHELF) Hopes dashed? : the economics of gender inequality / Prue Hyman. HQ1381 .H96 2017 HQ1381 .H96 2017 (ON SHELF) Bad feminist : essays / Roxane Gay. HQ1421 .G39 2017 HQ1421 .G39 2017 (ON SHELF) Feeling backward : loss and the politics of queer history / Heather Love. HQ76.25 .L68 2009 HQ76.25 .L68 2009 (ON SHELF) Early childhood studies : principles and practice / Jane Johnston, Lindy Nahmad-Williams, Ruby Oates and Val Wood. HQ767.9 .J64 2018 HQ767.9 .J64 2018 (ON SHELF) The trans generation : how trans kids (and their parents) are creating a gender revolution / Ann Travers. HQ77.9 .T71525 2018 HQ77.9 .T71525 2018 (ON SHELF) American tomboys : 1850-1915 / Renée M. Sentilles. HQ798 .S444 2018 HQ798 .S444 2018 (ON SHELF) The victim in the Irish criminal process / Shane Kilcommins, Susan Leahy, Kathleen Moore Walsh and Eimear Spain. HV6250.3 .I73 K55 2018 HV6250.3 .I73 K55 2018 (ON SHELF) Sex Money Murder : a story of crack, blood, and betrayal / Jonathan Green. HV6439 .U7 N4438 2018 HV6439 .U7 N4438 2018 (ON SHELF) Motivational interviewing with offenders : engagement, rehabilitation, and reentry / Jill D. Stinson, Michael D. Clark. HV6556 .S75 2017 HV6556 .S75 2017 (ON SHELF) White-collar crime in the shadow economy : lack of detection, investigation and conviction compared to social security fraud / Petter Gottschalk, Lars Gunnesdal. HV6768 .G6877 2018 HV6768 .G6877 2018 (ON SHELF) Government by referendum / Matt Qvortrup. JF497 .G7 Q67 2018 JF497 .G7 Q67 2018 (ON SHELF) Lobbying : the dark side of politics / Wyn Grant. JF529 .G65 2018 JF529 .G65 2018 (ON SHELF) Patriation and its consequences : constitution making in Canada / edited by Lois Harder and Steve Patten. KE4199 .P38 2015 KE4199 .P38 2015 (ON SHELF) Developing ethical principles for school leadership : PSEL standard two / edited by Lisa Bass, William Frick, and Michelle Young. LB2806 .B355 2018 LB2806 .B355 2018 (ON SHELF) Teaching reading and phonics to children with language and communication delay / Charlotte Lynch. LC4028.5 .L96 2018 LC4028.5 .L96 2018 (ON SHELF) Del Kathryn Barton : the highway is a disco / Pip Wallis with Peggy Frew. N7405 .B368 A4 2017 N7405 .B368 A4 2017 (ON SHELF) Indigenous languages, politics, and authority in Latin America : historical and ethnographic perspectives / edited by Alan Durston and Bruce Mannheim. P119.32 .S63 I53 2018 P119.32 .S63 I53 2018 (ON SHELF) Theorization and representations in linguistics / edited by Viviane Arigne and Christiane Rocq-Migette. P126 .T47 2018 P126 .T47 2018 (ON SHELF) Applying linguistics : language and the impact agenda / edited by Dan McIntyre and Hazel Price. P129 .A663 2018 P129 .A663 2018 (ON SHELF) The properties director's toolkit : creativity, collaboration, and communication for prop shop management in the theatre and performing arts / Sandra J. Strawn and Lisa Schlenker. PN2091 .S8 S763 2018 PN2091 .S8 S763 2018 (ON SHELF) Representing Africa in the motherland and the diaspora : essays on theatre, dance, music and cinema / edited by Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr. PN56.3 .A39 R47 2018 PN56.3 .A39 R47 2018 (ON SHELF) The Broadview introduction to literature / general editors: Lisa Chalykoff, Neta Gordon, Paul Lumsden. PN6014 .B67 2018 PN6014 .B67 2018 (ON SHELF) Between pen and pixel : comics, materiality, and the book of the future / Aaron Kashtan. PN6714 .K37 2018 PN6714 .K37 2018 (ON SHELF) Guerillas. Volume 4 / Brahm Revel; designed by Keith Wood with Brahm Revel ; edited by Desiree Wilson with Charlie Chu. PN6727 .R48 B84 2018 PN6727 .R48 B84 2018 (GRAPHIC) It's all absolutely fine : life is complicated so I've drawn it instead / Ruby Elliot. PN6737 .E48 I8 2017 PN6737 .E48 I8 2017 (ON SHELF) The new world : comics from Mauretania / Chris Reynolds ; foreword by Ed Park ; designed + edited by Seth. PN6737 .R49 N48 2018 PN6737 .R49 N48 2018 (ON SHELF) The voyage that never ends : fictions, poems, fragments, letters / Malcolm Lowry ; edited by Michael Hofmann. New York :|bNew York Review Books,|cc2007. PR 6023 O97 V69 2007 PR 6023 O97 V69 2007 (ON SHELF) Approaches to teaching the Middle English Pearl / edited by Jane Beal and Mark Bradshaw Busbee. PR2111 .A77 2018 PR2111 .A77 2018 (ON SHELF) Race Sounds : The Art of Listening in African American Literature / Nicole Brittingham Furlonge. PS153 .N5 F865 2018 PS153 .N5 F865 2018 (ON SHELF) America's dark theologian : the religious imagination of Stephen King / Douglas E. Cowan. PS3561 .I483 Z6289 2018 PS3561 .I483 Z6289 2018 (ON SHELF) Refugium : poems for the Pacific / edited by Yvonne Blomer. PS8287 .P33 R44 2017 PS8287 .P33 R44 2017 (ON SHELF) Breathing fire 2 : Canada's new poets / edited by Lorna Crozier & Patrick Lane. Roberts Creek, BC :|bNightwood Editions,|c2004. PS8293.1 .B74 2004 PS8293.1 .B74 2004 (ON SHELF) Indianland / Lesley Belleau. PS8552 .E45698 A6 2017 PS8552 .E45698 A6 2017 (ON SHELF) A brief history of the short-lived / Chris Hutchinson. Gibsons, B.C. :|bNightwood Editions,|c2012. PS8615 .U823 B75 2012 PS8615 .U823 B75 2012 (ON SHELF) The eye of history : when images take positions / Georges Didi-Huberman, translated by Shane B. Lillis. PT2603 .R397 Z589513 2018 PT2603 .R397 Z589513 2018 (ON SHELF) Science and the politics of openness : here be monsters / edited by Brigitte Nerlich, Sarah Hartley, Sujatha Raman and Alexander Smith. Q175.5 .S3427 2018 Q175.5 .S3427 2018 (ON SHELF) Everything you need for mathematics coaching : tools, plans, and a process that works for any instructional leader : grades K-12 / Maggie B. McGatha + Jennifer M. Bay-Williams, with Beth McCord Kobett + Jonathan A. Wray. QA10.5 .M44 2018 QA10.5 .M44 2018 (ON SHELF) Above the gene, beyond biology : toward a philosophy of epigenetics / Jan Baedke. QH450 .B34 2018 QH450 .B34 2018 (ON SHELF) Happy brain : where happiness comes from, and why / Dean Burnett. QP376 .B87217 2018 QP376 .B87217 2018 (ON SHELF) The World Health Organization : achievements and failures / Yves Beigbeder. RA441 .B375 2018 RA441 .B375 2018 (ON SHELF) Global health 101 / Richard Skolnik (Lecturer in Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, Yale School of Public Health, New Haven, CT; Lecturer in the Practice of Management, Yale School of Management, New Haven, CT). RA441 .S56 2017 RA441 .S56 2017 (ON SHELF) Theoretical basis for nursing / Melanie McEwen, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF (Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Nursing, Houston, Texas), Evelyn M. Wills, PhD, RN (Professor (Retired), Department of Nursing, College of Nursing & Allied Health Professions, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana). RT84.5 .T36 2019 RT84.5 .T36 2019 (ON SHELF) Character sketch : a drawing course for costume designers / Helen Q. Huang. TT509 .H82 2018 TT509 .H82 2018 (ON SHELF) Zombie army : the Canadian Army and conscription in the Second World War / Daniel Byers. UB345 .C2 B94 2016 UB345 .C2 B94 2016 (ON SHELF) #The makerspace_ librarian's sourcebook { / edited by Ellyssa Kroski. Z716.37 .M35 2017 Z716.37 .M35 2017 (ON SHELF) The collection all around : sharing our cities, towns, and natural places / Jeffrey T. Davis. Z716.4 .D385 2017 Z716.4 .D385 2017 (ON SHELF)