UA Library New Books New Books - MacEwan University New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 24 April, 2017 06:39:06 America/Edmonton Three streams : Confucian reflections on learning and the moral heart-mind in China, Korea, and Japan / Philip J. Ivanhoe. B127 .N4 I93 2016 B127 .N4 I93 2016 (ON SHELF) Merleau-Ponty and the art of perception / edited by Duane H. Davis and William S. Hamrick. B2430 .M3764 M46823 2016 B2430 .M3764 M46823 2016 (ON SHELF) Tercentenary essays on the philosophy and science of Leibniz / Lloyd Strickland, Erik Vynckier, Julia Weckend, editors. B2598 .T4 2017 B2598 .T4 2017 (ON SHELF) The tragedy of philosophy : Kant's critique of judgment and the project of aesthetics / Andrew Cooper. B2798 .C757 2016 B2798 .C757 2016 (ON SHELF) Kant's theory of normativity : exploring the space of reason / Konstantin Pollok, University of South Carolina. B2798 .P655 2017 B2798 .P655 2017 (ON SHELF) Kant and Aristotle : epistemology, logic, and method / Marco Sgarbi. B2798 .S435 2016 B2798 .S435 2016 (ON SHELF) Understanding Kant's ethics / Michael Cholbi, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. B2799 .E8 C53 2016 B2799 .E8 C53 2016 (ON SHELF) Wittgenstein and modernism / edited by Michael LeMahieu and Karen Zumhagen-Yekplé. B3376 .W564 W54325 2017 B3376 .W564 W54325 2017 (ON SHELF) Plato on the metaphysical foundation of meaning and truth / Blake E. Hestir (Texas Christian University). B398 .T78 H47 2016 B398 .T78 H47 2016 (ON SHELF) Plato on women : revolutionary ideas for gender equality in an ideal society / Harald Haarmann. B398 .W55 H33 2016 B398 .W55 H33 2016 (ON SHELF) Existing before God : Søren Kierkegaard and the human venture / Paul R. Sponheim. B4377 .S66 2017 B4377 .S66 2017 (ON SHELF) To be a machine : adventures among cyborgs, utopians, hackers, and the futurists solving the modest problem of death / Mark O'Connell. B821 .O365 2017 B821 .O365 2017 (ON SHELF) Leo Strauss, philosopher : European vistas / edited by Antonio Lastra and Josep Monserrat-Molas. B945 .S84 L46 2016 B945 .S84 L46 2016 (ON SHELF) Personification and the feminine in Roman philosophy / Alex Dressler. BD222 .D74 2016 BD222 .D74 2016 (ON SHELF) The role of intuitions in philosophical methodology / Serena Maria Nicoli. BD241 .N54 2016 BD241 .N54 2016 (ON SHELF) The self and its defenses : from psychodynamics to cognitive science / Michele Di Francesco, Massimo Marraffa, Alfredo Paternoster. BD438.5 .D54 2016 BD438.5 .D54 2016 (ON SHELF) Discursive psychology : theory, method and applications / Sally Wiggins. BF201.3 .W54 2017 BF201.3 .W54 2017 (ON SHELF) The craving mind : from cigarettes to smartphones to love - why we get hooked and how we can break bad habits / Judson Brewer ; foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn. BF637 .M56 B74 2017 BF637 .M56 B74 2017 (ON SHELF) Adolescence / Laurence Steinberg (Temple University). BF724 .S755 2017 BF724 .S755 2017 (ON SHELF) A history of modern psychology / Duane P. Schultz, Sydney Ellen Schultz. BF95 .S35 2016 BF95 .S35 2016 (ON SHELF) Aesthetic pursuits : essays in philosophy of art / Jerrold Levinson. BH39 .L48 2016 BH39 .L48 2016 (ON SHELF) The meaning of evil / James Sias. BJ1401 .S49 2016 BJ1401 .S49 2016 (ON SHELF) Pride and authenticity / Ulrich Steinvorth. BJ1461 .S745 2016 BJ1461 .S745 2016 (ON SHELF) Matters of care : speculative ethics in more than human worlds / María Puig de la Bellacasa. BJ1475 .P85 2017 BJ1475 .P85 2017 (ON SHELF) Rightness as fairness : a moral and political theory / Marcus Arvan (Assistant Professor, the University of Tampa, USA). BJ1533 .F2 A78 2016 BJ1533 .F2 A78 2016 (ON SHELF) Moral motivation : a history / edited by Iakovos Vasiliou. BJ324 .M64 M67 2016 BJ324 .M64 M67 2016 (ON SHELF) Is the body the temple of the soul? : modern yoga practice as a psychosocial phenomenon / Krzysztof T. Konecki. BL1238.56 .H38 K66 2015 BL1238.56 .H38 K66 2015 (ON SHELF) Introduction to mythology : contemporary approaches to classical and world myths / Eva M. Thury (Drexel University), Margaret K. Devinney (Temple University). BL312 .T49 2017 BL312 .T49 2017 (ON SHELF) Revisiting Delphi : religion and storytelling in ancient Greece / Julia Kindt. BL785 .K45 2016 BL785 .K45 2016 (ON SHELF) At the temple gates : the religion of freelance experts in the Roman empire / Heidi Wendt. BL803 .W46 2016 BL803 .W46 2016 (ON SHELF) Forms of dwelling : 20 years of taskscapes in archaeology / edited by Ulla Rajala and Philip Mills. CC165 .F59 2017 CC165 .F59 2017 (ON SHELF) Science, religion and communism in Cold War Europe / Paul Betts, Stephen A. Smith, editors. D1053 .S36 2016 D1053 .S36 2016 (ON SHELF) Continental drift : Britain and Europe from the end of empire to the rise of Euroscepticism / Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon (United States Department of State). D1065 .G7 G76 2016 D1065 .G7 G76 2016 (ON SHELF) The great transition : climate, disease and society in the late-medieval world / Bruce M.S. Campbell (The Queen's University of Belfast). D202 .C33 2016 D202 .C33 2016 (ON SHELF) Perceiving power in early modern Europe / Francis K.H. So, editor. D217 .P39 2016 D217 .P39 2016 (ON SHELF) Crimes unspoken : the rape of German women at the end of the Second World War / Miriam Gebhardt ; translated by Nick Somers. D810 .W7 G3913 2017 D810 .W7 G3913 2017 (ON SHELF) Margaret Thatcher : a life and legacy / David Cannadine. DA591 .T47 C37 2017 DA591 .T47 C37 2017 (ON SHELF) Triumphs in the age of civil war : the late Republic and the adaptability of triumphal tradition / Carsten Hjort Lange. DG254.2 .L36 2016 DG254.2 .L36 2016 (ON SHELF) Popular culture in the ancient world / edited by Lucy Grig (University of Edinburgh). DG78 .P67 2017 DG78 .P67 2017 (ON SHELF) Performance, memory, and processions in ancient Rome : the pompa circensis from the Republic to late antiquity / Jacob A. Latham (University of Tennessee, Knoxville). DG81 .L29 2016 DG81 .L29 2016 (ON SHELF) The roots of ethnic cleansing in Europe / H. Zeynep Bulutgil (Tufts University, Massachusetts). DJK26 .B94 2016 DJK26 .B94 2016 (ON SHELF) Iran : what everyone needs to know / Michael Axworthy. DS272 .A945 2017 DS272 .A945 2017 (ON SHELF) The 1929 Sino-Soviet war : the war nobody knew / Michael M. Walker. DS775.8 .W3853 2017 DS775.8 .W3853 2017 (ON SHELF) The age of charisma : leaders, followers, and emotions in American society, 1870-1940 / Jeremy C. Young (Dixie State University). E169.1 .Y585 2017 E169.1 .Y585 2017 (ON SHELF) Nixon's back channel to Moscow : confidential diplomacy and détente / Richard A. Moss ; foreword by Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret.). E183.8 .S65 M68 2017 E183.8 .S65 M68 2017 (ON SHELF) North America before the European invasions / Alice Beck Kehoe. E77 .K429 2017 E77 .K429 2017 (ON SHELF) The English embrace of the American Indians : ideas of humanity in early America / Alan S. Rome. E93 .R82 2017 E93 .R82 2017 (ON SHELF) The Maya calendar : a book of months, 400-2000 CE / Weldon Lamb. F1435.3 .C14 L34 2017 F1435.3 .C14 L34 2017 (ON SHELF) "The only true people" : linking Maya identities past and present / edited by Bethany J. Beyyette and Lisa J. LeCount. F1435.3 .E72 O55 2017 F1435.3 .E72 O55 2017 (ON SHELF) Maya caciques in early national Yucatán / Rajeshwari Dutt. F1435.3 .P7 D88 2017 F1435.3 .P7 D88 2017 (ON SHELF) Lonely Planet ultimate travelist : the 500 best places on the planet ... ranked. G465 .L66 2015 G465 .L66 2015 (ON SHELF) Westward on the high-hilled plains : the later prehistory of the West Midlands / edited by Derek Hurst. GN778.22 .G7 W47 2017 GN778.22 .G7 W47 2017 (ON SHELF) The ancient Egyptian economy, 3000-30 BCE / Brian Muhs (The Oriental Institute and the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago). HC33 .M84 2016 HC33 .M84 2016 (ON SHELF) Case studies in courageous organizational communication : research and practice for effective workplaces / Alexander Lyon. HD30.3 .L96 2017 HD30.3 .L96 2017 (ON SHELF) Conscious collaboration : re-thinking the way we work together, for good / Ben Emmens. HD69 .S8 E46 2016 HD69 .S8 E46 2016 (ON SHELF) Merchants and explorers : Roger Barlow, Sebastian Cabot, and networks of Atlantic exchange 1500-1560 / Heather Dalton. HF493 .D35 2016 HF493 .D35 2016 (ON SHELF) Branding as communication / Susan B. Barnes. HF5415.123 .B367 2017 HF5415.123 .B367 2017 (ON SHELF) Growing and managing foreign purchasing / Thomas A. Cook. HF5437 .C658 2017 HF5437 .C658 2017 (ON SHELF) The production of money : how to break the power of bankers / Ann Pettifor. HG221 .P425 2017 HG221 .P425 2017 (ON SHELF) Quantitative trading : algorithms, analytics, data, models, optimization / Xin Guo (University of California, Berkeley, USA), Tze Leung Lai (Stanford University, California, USA), Howard Shek (Tower Research Capital, New York City, New York, USA), Samuel Po-Shing Wong (5Lattice Securities Limited, Hong Kong, China). HG4515.2 .G87 2017 HG4515.2 .G87 2017 (ON SHELF) Modern sociological theory / George Ritzer (University of Maryland), Jeff Stepnisky (MacEwan University). HM435 .R57 2018 HM435 .R57 2018 (ON SHELF) Disability media work : opportunities and obstacles / Katie Ellis. HM706 .E45 2016 HM706 .E45 2016 (ON SHELF) Norms in the wild : how to diagnose, measure, and change social norms / Cristina Bicchieri. HM866 .B53 2017 HM866 .B53 2017 (ON SHELF) Marriage vows and racial choices / Jessica Vasquez-Tokos. HQ1031 .V27 2017 HQ1031 .V27 2017 (ON SHELF) Prostitutes and matrons in the Roman world / Anise K. Strong (Western Michigan University). HQ113 .S76 2016 HQ113 .S76 2016 (ON SHELF) Interpreting the Internet : feminist and queer counterpublics in Latin America / Elisabeth Jay Friedman. HQ1178 .F75 2017 HQ1178 .F75 2017 (ON SHELF) The persistence of gender inequality / Mary Evans. HQ1237 .E9175 2017 HQ1237 .E9175 2017 (ON SHELF) Urban friendships and community youth practice / Melvin Delgado. HV1431 .D445 2017 HV1431 .D445 2017 (ON SHELF) "A roof over my head" : homeless women and the shelter industry / Jean Calterone Williams. HV4505 .W53 2016 HV4505 .W53 2016 (ON SHELF) Persuasive interviewing : a forensic case analysis / Don Rabon, Tanya Chapman. HV8073.3 .R33 2016 HV8073.3 .R33 2016 (ON SHELF) Assessing adoptive parents, foster carers and kinship carers : improving analysis and understanding of parenting capacity / edited by Joanne Alper and David Howe ; foreword by John Simmonds. HV875 .A76 2017 HV875 .A76 2017 (ON SHELF) Political socialization in a media-saturated world / edited by Esther Thorson, Mitchell S. McKinney, and Dhavan Shah. JA76 .P592836 2016 JA76 .P592836 2016 (ON SHELF) The complexity of self government : politics from the bottom up / Ruth Lane (American University). JC327 .L24 2017 JC327 .L24 2017 (ON SHELF) Shaping international public opinion : a model for nation branding and public diplomacy / Jami A. Fullerton and Alice Kendrick, editors. JZ1305 .S4838 2017 JZ1305 .S4838 2017 (ON SHELF) The sociology of globalization / Luke Martell. JZ1318 .M375 2017 JZ1318 .M375 2017 (ON SHELF) The concept of cultural genocide : an international law perspective / Elisa Novic. KZ7175 .N68 2016 KZ7175 .N68 2016 (ON SHELF) Merrell's strong start, grades K-2 : a social & emotional learning curriculum / by Sara A. Whitcomb, , Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and Danielle M. Parisi Damico, Ph.D. (Amplify Education, Inc., Brooklyn, New York). LB1072 .W549 2016 LB1072 .W549 2016 (ON SHELF) Treasure basket explorations : heuristic learning for infants and toddlers / Laura Wilhelm, EdD [photography by Bree Hines, Stacey Hines, Goldie Thompson, Kathryn Riley, Hope Wiggs, Ginger Welch, and Laura Wilhelm]. LB1139.35 .P55 W55 2017 LB1139.35 .P55 W55 2017 (ON SHELF) Practical strategies for supporting young learners with autism spectrum disorder / Tricia H. Shelton, EdD ; with Mary Renck Jalongo, PhD. LC4718 .S44 2016 LC4718 .S44 2016 (ON SHELF) Loft jazz : improvising New York in the 1970s / Michael C. Heller. ML3508.8 .N5 H45 2017 ML3508.8 .N5 H45 2017 (ON SHELF) The great British recording studios / Howard Massey. ML3790 .M3525 2015 ML3790 .M3525 2015 (ON SHELF) Recording unhinged : creative and unconventional music recording techniques / Sylvia Massy ; with Chris Johnson. ML3790 .M353 2016 ML3790 .M353 2016 (ON SHELF) Far and wide : bring that horizon to me! / Neil Peart. ML419 .P475 A3 2016 ML419 .P475 A3 2016 (ON SHELF) The Metropolitan Museum of Art : masterpiece paintings / Kathryn Calley Galitz. N610 .A67446 2016 N610 .A67446 2016 (ON SHELF) Industry and intelligence : contemporary art since 1820 / Liam Gillick. N6490 .G485 2016 N6490 .G485 2016 (ON SHELF) Frieze : A to Z of contemporary art / editors Matthew McLean and Rebecca Morrill. N6497 .F74 2016 N6497 .F74 2016 (ON SHELF) Reductionism in art and brain science : bridging the two cultures / Eric R. Kandel. N71 .K355 2016 N71 .K355 2016 (ON SHELF) Machine art in the twentieth century / Andreas Broeckmann. N72 .T4 B76 2016 N72 .T4 B76 2016 (ON SHELF) New tendencies : art at the threshold of the information revolution (1961-1978) / Armin Medosch. N7433.84 .E85 M43 2016 N7433.84 .E85 M43 2016 (ON SHELF) Practicable : from participation to interaction in contemporary art / edited by Samuel Bianchini and Erik Verhagen ; with the collaboration of Nathalie Delbard and Larisa Dryansky. N7433.915 .P73 2016 N7433.915 .P73 2016 (ON SHELF) More heroes of the comics / by Drew Friedman. NC1305 .F76 2016 NC1305 .F76 2016 (ON SHELF) Design : the invention of desire / Jessica Helfand. NK1520 .H43 2016 NK1520 .H43 2016 (ON SHELF) Engaged language policy and practices / Kathryn A. Davis and Prem Phyak. P119.3 .D28 2017 P119.3 .D28 2017 (ON SHELF) Cognitive literary science : dialogues between literature and cognition / edited by Michael Burke and Emily T. Troscianko. P302.5 .C64 2017 P302.5 .C64 2017 (ON SHELF) Style, mediation, and change : sociolinguistic perspectives on talking media / edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland and Jacob Thøgersen. P302.84 .S79 2017 P302.84 .S79 2017 (ON SHELF) Virgil's Ascanius : imagining the future in the Aeneid / Anne Rogerson (University of Sydney). PA6825 .R59 2017 PA6825 .R59 2017 (ON SHELF) Barron's IELTS practice exams / Lin Lougheed, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. PE1128 .L6445 2016 PE1128 .L6445 2016 (ON SHELF) Local journalism in a digital world / Kristy Hess (Senior Lecturer in Communication, Deakin University, Australia) and Lisa Waller (Senior Lecturer in Communication, Deakin University, Australia). PN4784 .L6 H47 2017 PN4784 .L6 H47 2017 (ON SHELF) A global history of literature and the environment / edited by John Parham (University of Worcester), Louise Westling (University of Oregon). PN98 .E36 G58 2017 PN98 .E36 G58 2017 (ON SHELF) Futile pleasures : early modern literature and the limits of utility / Corey McEleney. PR421 .M29 2017 PR421 .M29 2017 (ON SHELF) Forms of empire : the poetics of Victorian sovereignty / Nathan K. Hensley. PR468 .W37 H46 2016 PR468 .W37 H46 2016 (ON SHELF) Treating the public : charitable theater and civic health in the early modern Atlantic world / Rachael Ball. PR651 .B25 2016 PR651 .B25 2016 (ON SHELF) A great and terrible beauty / Libba Bray. PS3602 .R388 G7 2005 PS3602 .R388 G7 2005 (ON SHELF) Rebel angels / Libba Bray. PS3602 .R388 R4 2005 PS3602 .R388 R4 2005 (ON SHELF) The sweet far thing / Libba Bray. New York :|bDelacorte Press,|cc2007. PS3602 .R388 S9 2007 PS3602 .R388 S9 2007 (ON SHELF) I am not a number / written by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer ; illustrated by Gillian Newland. PZ7.1 .D87 I26 2016 PZ7.1 .D87 I26 2016 (JUVENILE) A natural history of ladybird beetles / M.E.N. Majerus (formerly of Cambridge University, UK) ; editors H.E. Roy (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK), P.M.J. Brown (Anglia Ruskin University, UK). QL596 .C65 M25 2016 QL596 .C65 M25 2016 (ON SHELF) Nutrition through the life cycle / Judith E. Brown, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D. (University of Minnesota) ; with Ellen Lechtenberg, M.P.H., R.D., I.B.C.L.C. (Primary Children's Hospital) [and seven others]. QP141 .B874 2017 QP141 .B874 2017 (ON SHELF) Science and development of muscle hypertrophy / Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA (Lehman College, Bronx, New York). QP303 .S25 2016 QP303 .S25 2016 (ON SHELF) Systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving for borderline personality disorder : implementing STEPPS around the globe / edited by Donald W. Black and Nancee S. Blum. RC569.5 .B67 S97 2017 RC569.5 .B67 S97 2017 (ON SHELF) Case studies in primary care : a day in the office / Joyce D. Cappiello, PhD, FNP, FAANP (Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire), Jeffrey A. Eaton, PhD, NP (Nurse Practitioner, Great Works Family Practice of York Hospital, South Berwick, Maine, Associate Professor, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine), Gene E. Harkless, DNSc, FNP-BC, CNL, FAANP (Chair, Associate Professor and Family Nurse Practitioner, Department of Nursing, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire). RC66 .E28 2017 RC66 .E28 2017 (ON SHELF) Expressive therapy with traumatized children / P. Gussie Klorer (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville). RJ505 .A7 K56 2017 RJ505 .A7 K56 2017 (ON SHELF) Helping teens who cut : using DBT skills to end self-injury / Michael Hollander, PhD. RJ506 .S44 H635 2017 RJ506 .S44 H635 2017 (ON SHELF) The early American daguerreotype : cross-currents in art and technology / Sarah Kate Gillespie. TR365 .G555 2016 TR365 .G555 2016 (ON SHELF) Makeup man : from Rocky to Star trek : the amazing creations of Hollywood's Michael Westmore / Michael Westmore with Jake Page. TT955 .W48 A3 2017 TT955 .W48 A3 2017 (ON SHELF)