UA Library New Books New Books - MacEwan University New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 26 June, 2017 06:39:06 America/Edmonton Does anything really matter? : essays on Parfit on objectivity / edited by Peter Singer. B1649 .P373 O6933 2017 B1649 .P373 O6933 2017 (ON SHELF) Everything in everything : Anaxagoras's metaphysics / Anna Marmodoro. B205 .Z7 M37 2017 B205 .Z7 M37 2017 (ON SHELF) I, me, mine : back to Kant, and back again / Bâeatrice Longuenesse. B2799 .S37 L66 2017 B2799 .S37 L66 2017 (ON SHELF) Witkacy, logos and the elements / Teresa Pñekala (ed.) ; translated by Jerzy Adamko. B4691 .W574 W58 2017 B4691 .W574 W58 2017 (ON SHELF) Energy dreams : of actuality / Michael Marder. BF175.5.P72 M37 2017 BF175.5.P72 M37 2017 (ON SHELF) Performance psychology : theory and practice / Stewart Cotterill. BF481 .C68 2017 BF481 .C68 2017 (ON SHELF) Exemplarist moral theory / Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski. BJ37 .Z34 2017 BJ37 .Z34 2017 (ON SHELF) Heretics and believers : a history of the English Reformation / Peter Marshall. BR377 .M34 2017 BR377 .M34 2017 (ON SHELF) The voice of the past : oral history / Paul Thompson with Joanna Bornat. D16.14 .T48 2017 D16.14 .T48 2017 (ON SHELF) Uncovering Paris : scandals and nude spectacles in the Belle âEpoque / Lela F. Kerley. DC715 .K465 2017 DC715 .K465 2017 (ON SHELF) Mobilizing the Russian nation : patriotism and citizenship in the First World War / Melissa Kirschke Stockdale (University of Oklahoma). DK264.8 .S76 2016 DK264.8 .S76 2016 (ON SHELF) Britain's maritime empire : Southern Africa, the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, 1763-1820 / John McAleer (University of Southampton). DT2042 .M33 2017 DT2042 .M33 2017 (ON SHELF) Indians in the family : adoption and the politics of antebellum expansion / Dawn Peterson. E78 .S65 P48 2017 E78 .S65 P48 2017 (ON SHELF) Ethics in the anthropology of business : explorations in theory, practice, and pedagogy / edited by Timothy de Waal Malefyt and Robert J. Morais. GN450.8 .E85 2017 GN450.8 .E85 2017 (ON SHELF) The politics of power : EU-Russia energy relations in the 21st century / Lars-Christian U. Talseth. HC240.25 .R8 T35 2017 HC240.25 .R8 T35 2017 (ON SHELF) India's long road : the search for prosperity / Vijay Joshi. HC435.3 .J7296 2017 HC435.3 .J7296 2017 (ON SHELF) Driven to the brink : why corporate governance, board leadership and culture matter / Alicia Micklethwait, Patricia Dimond. HD2747 .M53 2017 HD2747 .M53 2017 (ON SHELF) Patterns of strategy / Patrick Hoverstadt and Lucy Loh. HD30.28 .H6928 2017 HD30.28 .H6928 2017 (ON SHELF) Marketing organization development consulting : a how-to guide for OD consultants / William J. Rothwell, Jong Gyu Park, Jae Young Lee. HD69 .C6 R68 2017 HD69 .C6 R68 2017 (ON SHELF) Mentoring diverse leaders : creating change for people, processes, and paradigms / edited by Audrey J. Murrell and Stacy Blake-Beard. HF5385 .M446 2017 HF5385 .M446 2017 (ON SHELF) Research and theory on workplace aggression / edited by Nathan A. Bowling, Wright State University, M. Sandy Hershcovis, University of Calgary. HF5549.5 .E43 R47 2017 HF5549.5 .E43 R47 2017 (ON SHELF) The future-proof workplace : six strategies to accelerate talent development, reshape your culture, and succeed with purpose / Linda Sharkey, PhD, Morag Barrett. HF5549.5 .M3 S479 2017 HF5549.5 .M3 S479 2017 (ON SHELF) Fans and fan cultures : tourism, consumerism and social media / Henrik Linden, Sara Linden. HM646 .L56 2017 HM646 .L56 2017 (ON SHELF) Innovations in interventions to address intimate partner violence : research and practice / edited by Tod Augusta-Scott, Katreena Scott, and Leslie M. Tutty. HV6626 .I55 2017 HV6626 .I55 2017 (ON SHELF) International political economy in the 21st century : contemporary issues and analyses / Roy Smith, Imad El-Anis and Christopher Farrands. JZ1318 .S625 2017 JZ1318 .S625 2017 (ON SHELF) Sustainable development : goals and UN goal-setting / Stephen Browne. JZ4972 .B759 2017 JZ4972 .B759 2017 (ON SHELF) Elemental play and outdoor learning : young children's playful connections with people, places and things / Annie Woods. LB1047 .W66 2017 LB1047 .W66 2017 (ON SHELF) Talking machine west : a history and catalogue of Tin Pan Alley's western recordings, 1902-1918 / Michael A. Amundson. ML3477 .A49 2017 ML3477 .A49 2017 (ON SHELF) King of ragtime : Scott Joplin and his era / Edward A. Berlin. ML410 .J75 B5 2016 ML410 .J75 B5 2016 (ON SHELF) Subjectivity and perspective in truth-theoretic semantics / Peter Lasersohn. P299 .S89 L37 2074 P299 .S89 L37 2074 (ON SHELF) Place, space, and mediated communication : exploring context collapse / edited by Carolyn Marvin and Sun-ha Hong. P90 .P53 2017 P90 .P53 2017 (ON SHELF) Intercultural communication : an advanced resource book for students / Adrian Holliday, Martin Hyde and John Kullman. P94.6 .H64 2017 P94.6 .H64 2017 (ON SHELF) World theatre : the basics / E.J. Westlake. PN2101 .W48 2017 PN2101 .W48 2017 (ON SHELF) Media of serial narrative / edited by Frank Kelleter. PN3448 .S48 M43 2017 PN3448 .S48 M43 2017 (ON SHELF) The discourse of news values : how news organizations create newsworthiness / Monika Bednarek and Helen Caple. PN4783 .B43 2017 PN4783 .B43 2017 (ON SHELF) Personal branding for entrepreneurial journalists and creative professionals / Sara Kelly. PN4797 .K35 2017 PN4797 .K35 2017 (ON SHELF) American literature in the world: : an anthology from Anne Bradstreet to Octavia Butler / Wai-Chee Dimock, with Jordan Brower, Edgar Garcia, Kyle Hutzler, and Nicholas Rinehart, editors. PS507 .A59 2017 PS507 .A59 2017 (ON SHELF) Cell signalling / John T. Hancock (Professor of Cell Signalling, Department of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol). QH604.2 .H36 2017 QH604.2 .H36 2017 (ON SHELF) Management of clinical depression and anxiety / edited by Maggie Watson, PhD (Royal Mardsden NHS Trust, Research Department of Clinical, Health and Educational Psychology, University College London, London, UK), David W. Kissane, MD (Department of Psychiatry, Monash University, Monash Medical Centre and Szalmuk Family Psycho-Oncology Unit, Cabrini Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia). RC537 .M339 2017 RC537 .M339 2017 (ON SHELF) Children and young people's response to parental illness : a handbook of assessment and practice / edited by David Morley (University of Oxford, UK), Xiaoming Li (University of South Carolina, USA), Crispin Jenkinson (University of Oxford, UK). RJ499.3 .C455 2017 RJ499.3 .C455 2017 (ON SHELF) Rhythms of relating in children's therapies : connecting creatively with vulnerable children / edited by Stuart Daniel and Colwyn Trevarthen. RJ504 .R49 2017 RJ504 .R49 2017 (ON SHELF)