UA Library New Books New Books - University of Alberta JW Scott Health Sciences New Books at the University of Alberta en-us University of Alberta Libraries Mon 24 April, 2017 06:39:06 America/Edmonton Elemental shaman : one man's journey into the heart of humanity, spirituality & ecology / Omar W. Rosales. Woodbury, Minn. :|bLlewellyn Publications,|c©2009. BF 1611 R64 2009 BF 1611 R64 2009 (TRAD MED) The book of Sufi healing = [Kit?b al-?ibb al-r??? al-??f?] = Kitab al-?ibb al-rauh? as-S?fi / by Abu Abdullah Ghulam Moinuddin. New York :|bInner Traditions International,|c©1985. BP 189.65 F35 M65 1985 BP 189.65 F35 M65 1985 (TRAD MED) Kahuna la'au lapa'au : the practice of Hawaiian herbal medicine / by June Gutmanis ; translations by Theodore Kelsey ; illustrations by Susan G. Monden. Honolulu, Hawaii :|bIsland Heritage,|c1979. DU 624.65 G87 1979 DU 624.65 G87 1979 (TRAD MED) Sacred plant medicine : explorations in the practice of indigenous herbalism / Stephen Harrod Buhner ; foreword by Brooke Medicine Eagle ; illustrations by Cyncie Marini. Boulder, Colo. :|bRoberts Rinehart Publishers ;|a[Emeryville, Calif.] :|bDistributed in the U.S. and Canada by Publishers Group West,|c©1996. E 98 B7 B74 1996 E 98 B7 B74 1996 (TRAD MED) Indian herbalogy of North America : a study of Anglo-American, Russian and Oriental literature on Indian Medical Botanics of North America with illustrations, glossary, index and annotated bibliography / by Alma R. Hutchens ; [with] N.G. Tretchikoff [and] Natalie K. Tretchikoff. Windsor, Ont. :|bMerco,|c1983. E 98 M4 H973 1983 E 98 M4 H973 1983 (TRAD MED) Country folk medicine : tales of skunk oil, sassafras tea, and other old-time remedies / gathered by Elisabeth Janos. Chester, Conn. :|bGlobe Pequot,|cc1990. GR 106 J36 1990 GR 106 J36 1990 (TRAD MED) Pow-wows, or long lost friend : a collection of mysterious arts and remedies for man as well as animals with many proofs / John George Hohman. GR 600 H613 1900z GR 600 H613 1900z (TRAD MED) Folk medicine cures and curiosities / Edward F. Dolan. New York :|bIvy Books,|c1993. GR 880 D65 1993 GR 880 D65 1993 (TRAD MED) Folk medicine, fact and fiction / Frances Kennett. London ;|aNew York :|bMarshall Cavendish,|c1976. GR 880 K46 1976b GR 880 K46 1976b (TRAD MED) Home remedies from India : herbal & natural / Dr. Ranvir Pahwa. GR 880 P34 1996 GR 880 P34 1996 (TRAD MED) Trees and shrubs, food, medicinal, and poisonous plants of British Columbia, by James R. Anderson ... Victoria, B.C.,|bPrinted by C.F. Banfield,|c1925. QK 201 A7 1925 QK 201 A7 1925 (TRAD MED) Tree medicine : a comprehensive guide to the healing power of over 170 trees / Peter Conway. London :|bPiatkus,|c2001. QK 99 A1 C66 2001 QK 99 A1 C66 2001 (TRAD MED) American medical botany, native medicinal plants / Jacob Bigelow. QK 99 B47 2010 v.2 QK 99 B47 2010 v.2 (TRAD MED) Medicinal plants of India and Pakistan; a concise work describing plants used for drugs and remedies according to Ayurvedic, Unani [and] Tibbi systems and mentioned in British and American pharmacopoeias, by J.F. Dastur. Bombay,|bD.B. Taraporevala Sons|c[1962] QK 99 D3 1962 QK 99 D3 1962 (TRAD MED) Russian folk medicine / Paul M. Kourennoff ; translated [from the Russian MS], edited and arranged by George St George. London :|bPan Books,|c1972. R 133 K68 1972 R 133 K68 1972 (TRAD MED) Chinese system of natural cures / Henry C. Lu. New York :|bSterling Pub. Co.,|c©1994. R 601 L875 1994 R 601 L875 1994 (TRAD MED) Practical Chinese medicine / Penelope Ody. New York :|bSterling Pub. Co.,|c2000. R 601 O395 2000 R 601 O395 2000 (TRAD MED) Chinese folk medicine / by Heinrich Wallnöfer and Anna von Rottauscher ; translated by Marion Palmedo. New York, N.Y. :|bNew American Library,|c1972. R 601 W22 E5 1972 R 601 W22 E5 1972 (TRAD MED) Methods of traditional Chinese health care / Zeng Qingnan ; edited by Jianguang Wang ; translated with a preface by Xie Zhufan. Beijing :|bForeign Languages Press :|bDistributed by China International Book Trading Corp.,|c1990. R 601 Z464 1990 R 601 Z464 1990 (TRAD MED) Studies in Tibetan medicine / Elisabeth Finckh. Ithaca, N.Y., USA :|bSnow Lion Publications,|c1988. R 603 T5 F57 1988 R 603 T5 F57 1988 (TRAD MED) Tibetan medicine : a practical and inspirational guide to diagnosing, treating and healing the Bhuddist way / Gerti Samel. London :|bLittle, Brown,|c2001. R 603 T55 S2513 2001 R 603 T55 S2513 2001 (TRAD MED) Dravyaguan vijnana. Part I and II, Ayurvedic medicinal plants / by A.P. Deshpande, Subhash Ranade. R 606 P35 2004 R 606 P35 2004 (TRAD MED) Traces of the future : an archaeology of medical science in Africa / edited by Paul Wenzel Geissler, Guillaume Lachenal, John Manton and Noémi Tousignant ; with special contributions by Evgenia Arbugaeva and Mariele Neudecker. R 651 T73 2016 R 651 T73 2016 (TRAD MED) Conscience and Catholic health care : from clinical contexts to government mandates / edited by David E. DeCosse and Thomas A. Nairn, O.F.M. R 724 C652 2017 R 724 C652 2017 (ON SHELF) Chinese medicine. Translated by Lowell Bair. [New York]|bAvon Books|c[©1972] R 812 B313 1972 R 812 B313 1972 (TRAD MED) Planning and managing the safety system / edited by Ted S. Ferry and Mark A. Friend. R 859.7 S43 P53 2017 R 859.7 S43 P53 2017 (ON SHELF) Corporate ties that bind : an examination of corporate manipulation and vested interest in public health / edited by Martin J. Walker ; foreword by David O. Carpenter, M.D. RA 393 C67 2017 RA 393 C67 2017 (ON SHELF) On the ragged edge of medicine : doctoring among the disposessed / Patricia Kullberg. RA 418.5 P6 K85 2017 RA 418.5 P6 K85 2017 (ON SHELF) Organizational behavior and theory in healthcare : leadership perspectives and management applications / Stephen L. Walston. RA 425 W34 2017 RA 425 W34 2017 (ON SHELF) Not fit to stay : public health panics and South Asian exclusion / Sarah Isabel Wallace. RA 446.5 P165 W34 2017 RA 446.5 P165 W34 2017 (ON SHELF) One man's food -- is someone else's poison / James D'Adamo, with Allan Richards ; [drawings by Ingrid Bolting]. Toronto, Ont. :|bHealth Thru Herbs,|c1980. RA 784 D32 1980 RA 784 D32 1980 (TRAD MED) Traditional foods are your best medicine : health and longevity with the animal, sea, and vegetable foods of our ancestors / by Ronald F. Schmid ; with a foreword by Michael B. Schachter. Stratford, Conn. :|bOcean View Publications,|c©1987. RA 784 S384 1987 RA 784 S384 1987 (TRAD MED) Dimensions of long-term care management : an introduction / Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld, Carol Molinari, Reid Oetjen, editors. RA 997 D56 2017 RA 997 D56 2017 (ON SHELF) Prosthetic rehabilitation / Keith F. Thomas. London ;|aChicago :|bQuintessence Pub. Co.,|c©1994. RD 130 T56 1994 RD 130 T56 1994 (ON SHELF) Ophthalmic care / edited by Janet Marsden. RE 46 O567 2017 RE 46 O567 2017 (ON SHELF) A practical introduction to major Chinese herbal formulas / Hong-yen Hsu, Douglas H. Easer. Los Angeles, Calif. :|bOriental Healing Arts Institute,|c[©1980] RM 121 H884 1980 RM 121 H884 1980 (TRAD MED) The healing clay : the centuries-old health & beauty elixir rediscovered / Michel Abehsera. Brooklyn, N.Y. :|bSwan House,|c©1979. RM 666 C545 A23 1979 RM 666 C545 A23 1979 (TRAD MED) Chinese herbal secrets : the key to total health / Stefan Chmelik. Vancouver :|bRaincoast Books,|c1999. RM 666 H33 C53 1999 RM 666 H33 C53 1999 (TRAD MED) Chinese herbs, their botany, chemistry, and pharmacodynamics / by John D. Keys with special sections on: mineral drugs, drugs of animal origin, 300 Chinese prescriptions, toxic herbs. Rutland, Vt. :|bC.E. Tuttle Co.,|c1990, c1976. RM 666 H33 K44 1990 RM 666 H33 K44 1990 (TRAD MED) Chinese healing foods and herbs / Albert Y. Leung ; drawings by Bing Fun Leung. Glen Rock, N.J. :|bAYSL Corp.,|c©1984. RM 666 H33 L45 1984 RM 666 H33 L45 1984 (TRAD MED) Green medicine : traditional Mexican-American herbal remedies / by Eliseo Torres ; drawings by Clark Magruder. Kingsville, Tex. :|bNieves Press,|c[1983?] RM 666 H33 T67 1983 RM 666 H33 T67 1983 (TRAD MED) The natural medicine chest : natural medicines to keep you and your family thriving into the next millennium / Eugene R. Zampieron and Ellen Kamhi. New York, NY :|bM. Evans and Co.,|c©1999. RM 666 H33 Z35 1999 RM 666 H33 Z35 1999 (TRAD MED) Acupressure : acupuncture without needles : the miracle of Chinese healing through your fingertips / by J.V. Cerney. RM 723 A27 C47 1974 RM 723 A27 C47 1974 (TRAD MED) Ancient healing secrets : practical herbal remedies from around the world that work today / Dian Dincin Buchman. Avenel, N.J. :|bCrescent Books,|c1996. RS 164 B82 1996 RS 164 B82 1996 (TRAD MED) Wild medicine in Australia / A.B. & J.W. Cribb. Sydney ;|aLondon :|bCollins,|c1981. RS 164 C84 1981 RS 164 C84 1981 (TRAD MED) The garden of life : an introduction to the healing plants of India / Naveen Patnaik. London :|bAquarian,|c1994. RS 164 P34 1994 RS 164 P34 1994 (TRAD MED) Succeeding in literature reviews and research project plans for nursing students / Graham Williamson, Andrew Whittaker. RT 81.5 W49 2017 RT 81.5 W49 2017 (ON SHELF) Understanding psychology for nursing students / Jan de Vries and Fiona Timmins. RT 86 V75 2017 RT 86 V75 2017 (ON SHELF) Caring for the vulnerable : perspectives in nursing theory, practice, and research / edited by Mary de Chesnay, Barbara A. Anderson. RT 86.5 C376 2016 RT 86.5 C376 2016 (ON SHELF) Health promotion and public health for nursing students / Daryl Evans, Dina Coutsaftiki, C. Patricia Fathers. RT 90.3 E83 2017 RT 90.3 E83 2017 (ON SHELF) Earthway / Mary Summer Rain. New York :|bPocket Books,|c©1990. RZ 440 S86 1990 RZ 440 S86 1990 (TRAD MED) Fundamentals of Ayurvedic medicine / Vaidya Bhagwan Dash. Delhi, India :|bKonark Publishers ;|aNew York :|bDistributed by Advent Books,|c1989. RZ 999 D3 1989 RZ 999 D3 1989 (TRAD MED)